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Eurogeddon: Greece told to make decision on future TONIGHT or face expulsion from the euro :: World

Tonight Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte issued the most robust warning yet to the beleaguered country, telling it to agree to the bailout terms now or "it is over".

Mr Rutte said his government was unwilling to give any new funding to Greece unless it committed to spending reforms set out by its international creditors.

Asked what would happen if Greek premier Alexis Tsipras tried to use last night's referendum result to wrestle concessions other European countries, he replied: "Then I think it is over".

He told the Dutch parliament: "If things stay the way they are, then we're at an impasse. There is no other choice, they must be ready to accept deep reforms.


Chinese stock market chaos could be worse than Greek debt crisis

WHILE the world worries about Greece, there' an even bigger problem closer to home: China.

A stock market crash there has seen $3.2 trillion wiped from the value of Chinese shares in just three weeks, triggering an emergency response from the government and warnings of "monstrous" public disorder.


And the effects for Australia could be serious, affecting our key commodity exports and sparking the beginning of a period of recession-like conditions.

"State-owned newspapers have used their strongest language yet, telling people 'not to lose their minds' and 'not to bury themselves in horror and anxiety'. [Our] positive measures will take time to produce results," writes IG Markets.

"If China does not find support today, the disorder could be monstrous."


Blood Moon, Tsunami and the Last Days Outpouring - Perry Stone with Sid Roth - YouTube

Blood moon is coming on April 4th, 2015. This is one of blood moons tetra in the year 2014 and 2015. Perry Stone shared his testimony of tsunami dream. I believe that this blood moon is the blood moon in Revelation 6:12. We live in the end time. Jesus is coming soon. Be ready!


Thousands flee wildfires in Western Canada YouTube - YouTube

Raging wildfires in Western Canada forced more than 13,000 from their homes Monday in Saskatchewan, the biggest evacuation in the province' history.

More than 600 firefighters are trying to contain the blazes and 1,000 members of the armed forces have been called in to help.

Residents are being put up in emergency shelters in several cities as hot weather, dry conditions and lightning strikes have combined to create one of the worst years for forest fires.

"This is absolutely the biggest evacuation we've experienced in Saskatchewan," Red Cross spokeswoman Cindy Fuchs told reporters.

Meanwhile in British Columbia, more than 50 new wildfires broke out over the weekend, enlarging the number to 178 and forcing evacuations in many communities.

Smoke hung over Vancouver and ashes landed on buildings and cars. The air quality index - a measure alerting those with breathing problems such as asthma to remain indoors - was recorded at "very high risk".

Forest fires occur every year in Western Canada, but the blazes have arrived earlier than usual and it is shaping up to be a record year due to heat and lightning strike


Russian Bombers Fly Near U.S. on July 4th - ABC News

As Americans were celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, four Russian long-range bomber aircraft flew close enough to the US shores that they were intercepted by military fighter jets. The first set of two bombers flew near Alaska and just 30 minutes later a separate set flew far off the west coast of California.

According to officials at NORAD the flights stayed within international airspace and at no time did any of the Russian bombers enter or get close to entering sovereign North American boundaries


White House Officials Plot Ways to Pressure Lawmakers Into Supporting Iran Deal :: Washington Free B

VIENNA-White House officials on Monday held a private conference call with liberal organizations to discuss ways of pressuring Democrats and other lawmakers on Capitol Hill into supporting a nuclear deal with Iran that is expected to be finalized in the coming days, according to an audio recording of that call obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The call, in which there were more than 100 participants, was organized by the liberal pro-Iran group Ploughshares Fund, which has spent millions of dollars to slant Iran-related coverage and protect the Obama administration' diplomatic efforts.

The White House officials described a nuclear deal with Iran as President Obama' "signature foreign policy accomplishment" and urged liberal groups to launch an all-out lobbying campaign to pressure lawmakers, especially Democrats, to back the deal.

Progressive leaders on the call told participants to prepare for a "real war" and repeatedly declared that "the other side will go crazy" in the coming days. The call also included the anti-war group

"This has really been on the front burner from a foreign perspective, although not in the public eye necessarily, since the very beginning," Matt Nosanchuk, an official in the White House Office of Public Engagement, told participants. "This is not an issue of the day, this is really an issue of the presidency."




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