Ukrainian Soldier Confirms: Ukraine' Military Shot Down ...

A Ukrainian soldier who was part of the crew that operated the supposed missile-battery that the Ukrainian Government claims shot down the Malaysian MH17 airliner on July 17th has testified publicly for the first time, saying that the missile-battery was operated by the Ukrainian military, not by the rebels as asserted, and that he and his former crew-mates who operated it laughed when they heard their Government say that this missile-battery was operated by rebels and had shot the airliner down.

An English-translated transcript of the December 15th Russian-language interview with this soldier was posted at UkraineWar.Info on December 17th by Michael Collins, an investigative journalist with UkraineWar.Info who has been following very closely the multiple investigations that are proceeding into the cause of the downing.

This testimony confirms the accumulating prior, already overwhelming and even-more-convincing evidence, which is linked to in my latest article on the topic, here, all of which evidence indicates that either one or else two Ukrainian fighter-jets intentionally shot this airliner down - that it was not an error by rebels who had mis-identified this airliner as being a bomber from the Ukrainian Government, such as the Ukrainian Government and its sponsor the U.S. Government claim.

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Superbomb winter storm predicted for Northeastern U.S. at ...

A "superbomb" storm is being predicted for Christmas Day in the Northeast United states according to WeatherBell Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue who has pointed out it looks to be reminiscent of the Cleveland Superbomb of 1978 aka the "Great New England Blizzard of 1978%u2033.

This GFS forecast model for Christmas Day shows the depth of the low, poised to gather moisture from the Great Lakes and dump it into the Northeastern U.S. over the next 24-48 hours, potentially making Christmas and post-Christmas travel a nightmare, but ... there is a twist.

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This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like: Shopping Frenzy: ...

Russians have seen the writing on the wall and they know that they're economy and currency are in serious trouble. Though the Russian central bank has pledged to protect and stabilize the Ruble, which has collapsed by nearly 50% versus the dollar in the last several months, people aren't taking any chances.

It' a scenario we've seen repeated throughout history when a nation' currency was threatened with destruction and it' one we may soon witness in America should confidence in the dollar as the world' reserve currency ever be lost.

This is what a currency collapse looks like:

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Fukushima Offers to Host Some Events for 2020 Tokyo Olympics: ...

Masao Uchibori, Fukushima Governor has put forward a proposal to the Tokyo authorities to showcase the region's recovery from the 2011 nuclear disaster by hosting some of the preliminary events for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

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Al-Nusra Islamists Seize Military Camp in Northwestern Syria: ...

MOSCOW, December 15 (Sputnik) - Al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front and militant group Jund al-Aqsa have seized the Wadi Deif military camp in northwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Monday in a statement.

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Samuel Jackson - We Ain't Gonna Stop Till People Are Free Song ...

I can hear my neighbor cryin' 'I can't breathe'
Now I'm in the struggle and I can't leave.
Callin' out the violence of the racist police.
We ain't gonna stop, till people are free.
We ain't gonna stop, till people are free.

The song starts off with a reference to Eric Garner' last words.
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Russia Warns May Send Troops To Ukraine After Congress ...

While the market, and America' media, was focusing over the passage of the Cromnibus, and whether Wall Street would dump a few hundred trillion in derivatives on the laps of US taxpayers once again (it did), quietly and unanimously both houses passed The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, which authorizes "providing lethal assistance to Ukraine' military" as well as sweeping sanctions on Russia' energy sector.

The measure mandates sanctions against Rosoboronexport, the state agency that promotes Russia' defense exports and arms trade. It also would require sanctions on OAO Gazprom (GAZP), the world' largest extractor of natural gas, if the state-controlled company withholds supplies to other European nations (yes, the US is now in the pre-emptive punishment business, and is enforcing sanctions on a "what if" basis).

But while one may debate if additional sanctions will do much to impact a Russian economy which is already impaired due to the plunging ruble, the clear escalation is that unlike previously, when the US limited itself - at least on paper - to non-lethal assistance to the Ukraine, now the US is finally preparing to send in weapons, and potentially "military advisors" as well. We say "on paper", because in late November hacked US documents revealed the extent of secret US "Lethal Aid" for the Ukraine army.

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