Fresh Perspective in Ponce | Article
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* Feb 14, 2018    01:00:02 AM
Fresh Perspective in Ponce | Article

PONCE, Puerto Rico - The Task Force Power Restoration Port of Ponce lay down yard is full of steel poles, wooden poles, concrete poles, wire spools, insulators, transformers, nuts, bolts, brackets that just arrived and various other materials staged and ready for distribution within 24-48 hours of arrival to complete the power restoration in Puerto Rico. Although new to U.S. Army Corps of Engineer power restoration mission, volunteer 1st Lt. Carlos Fabre along with the TF Power Restoration Bill of Materials, or BOM Squad, inventories thousands of pieces of material in Ponce, Puerto Rico in preparation for distribution. "I'm here to help my people and that's why I volunteered to join the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers," said Fabre, a Puerto Rico Army National Guard Logistics Officer. "I wanted to join the BOM Squad because I believe my experience as a logistics officer could ...

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