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Trend Forecaster Predicts: “Bitcoin Will Soar Over $100,000… It’s The Gold Standard Of Digital Currency”


Recent reports that Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are in a bubble may be inspired by the fact that crypto currencies stand to completely upend the global financial systems that have been in place for hundreds of years. And while it’s easy to draw parallels to Tulip Mania and suggest Bitcoin prices may be reaching a top because of the rapid and meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies in recent months, what tulips didn’t have that Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies do, is access to, quite literally, every single human on the planet who has a a cell phone, computer or other smart device.

According to a recent short film by Future Money Trends, we’re just in the opening stages of a revolution that will eventually lead to the death of centrally printed paper currencies. And along the way, many early adopters will become very rich as increased use of the technology leads to soaring prices:

All this talk of a bubble is ignorance or malicious talk from competitors like the banks who collect trillions in middleman fees worldwide… We see Bitcoin soaring past $50,000… and then over $100,000 because the simple fact is that there are only going to be 21,000,000 coins outstanding…

It’s being used all across the globe… to put it simply in the world of crypto currency, Bitcoin is the gold standard… Bitcoin is the gold of digital currency.


And while Bitcoin is the gold, Ethereum is a whole different animal, demonstrating just how versatile blockchain technology really is:

Name a price that’s much higher than you think and that’s where it could be headed… It’s not even the silver to the gold… it’s the copper. It’s what’s going to help transform and build up blockchain technology worldwide.

This is the crypto currency that’s being used by Fortune 500 companies today… and what many don’t know is that even other crypto currencies are using Ethereum to support their own platforms.

Behind the currencies, says Future Money Trends, is the infrastructure that makes it all happen and one that stands to impact the lives of every person on the planet:

The backbone behind the entire blockchain is the mining companies… the warehouses full of computers solving math problems, to support the blockchain and be rewarded with freshly minted digital currency.

Mining itself has become big business, with numerous mega-miners like Genesis Mining and Hive Blockchain Technologies taking advantage of rising prices by hoarding virgin mined cryptocurrencies as global usage among the populace for real-world applications increases exponentially:

Billions of people would agree that they trust cryptocurrency more than their national currencies… People in China, India, Venezuela, Argentina and all throughout Africa are already making Bitcoin their medium of exchange.

This specifically included the two billion unbanked people that happen to have a smart phone, which is all that’s needed for a Bitcoin wallet… Cryptocurrency is already a better way for payments and transferring money. The blockchain self validates and the fees are nil compared to banking fees.

This isn’t going to happen overnight but the path for cryptocurrency to dethrone the central banks is certainly on the table over the next five years.


For more videos like the one you just watched visit Future Money Trends

Source: Trend Forecaster Predicts: “Bitcoin Will Soar Over $100,000… It’s The Gold Standard Of Digital Currency”
Liberals Use Social Media To Disgustingly Attack All White People In The Aftermath Of Doug Jones Stunning Senate Victory


Immediately following the stunning victory by Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race, liberals, including many “prominent” leftists, took to social media to attack white people as a whole over the fact that some whites voted against the pro gun-control former prosecutor.

That’s right, in the new America, the hard-left openly mocks and insults all white people simply because a certain percentage of them do not vote for liberal candidates.

Keep in mind that BOTH candidates were white yet that did not stop the race baiting left from conducting a vile series of attacks on the white race while pretending that they are the civil rights heroes.

As I’ve been prone to say lately, you truly cannot make this stuff up.

Filmmaker and noted anti-Trump propagandist Michael Moore got into the action early, tweeting out an image that attacked white people over the fact that 63% of white women and 72% of white men had voted for Roy Moore in Alabama.

Dear White People…

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) December 13, 2017

As Paul Joseph Watson noted,  MSNBC, CNN and Huffington Post contributor Kevin Allred continued the attacks on white people during an unhinged rant that literally cursed at white people over and over again.

Imagine owning a brain that produces this.

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) December 13, 2017

A communications director for a Democrat in the House specifically took aim at white men who committed the horrific crime of voting for their preferred candidate.

so…I wanna re-emphasize something. White people strongly supported Roy Moore. Let’s take that, internalize it, and not let ourselves pretend that we don’t have a problem. White men especially.

— Dante Atkins (@DanteAtkins) December 13, 2017

Another prominent liberal flat out rallied against the fact that there are a large amount of white people in America itself.

black people are turning out in higher numbers than 2014. white turnout it down. the problem here, as everywhere in america, is that there still may be too many white people.

— Noah Berlatsky (@nberlat) December 13, 2017

Independent journalist Chris Menahan, writing for Information Liberation, also took screenshots of at least a dozen liberal voters attacking the very existence of the white race. Remember, this is being cheered on by liberals in this country who hold actual power.

From calling all white people stupid, to claiming that only minorities should be allowed to vote, the tweets compiled by Menahan paint a clear picture of what at least part of the hard-left truly believes.

Make no mistake, this is a direct attempt at forcing white people across the country to vote liberal over the fear that they might be labeled racist. This is obviously an absolutely disgusting political move by the left that the American people will hopefully see right through.

With that being said, it does not change the fact that the Democratic Party is now openly attacking any white person who does not vote for them.

Source: Liberals Use Social Media To Disgustingly Attack All White People In The Aftermath Of Doug Jones Stunning Senate Victory
Today's News / US torture continues at Guantanamo Bay
« Last post by News Bot on Today at 12:00:02 AM »
US torture continues at Guantanamo Bay

Nils Melzer, the UN special rapporteur on torture, on Wednesday urged the United States to end its torture of detainees held at the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention facility. The prison...
Source: US torture continues at Guantanamo Bay

From News Feed
YoNews Portal / McDonalds In Crisis As Dangerous Burger ‘Ingredients’ Revealed
« Last post by News on Yesterday at 11:40:06 PM »
McDonalds In Crisis As Dangerous Burger ‘Ingredients’ Revealed


We all know that eating processed and fast foods is harmful to our general health. McDonalds Corporation, the leading dealer of GMOs and Frankenfoods in the world, has suffered a major downturn in revenue in [...]
Source: McDonalds In Crisis As Dangerous Burger ‘Ingredients’ Revealed
Third Quake > 6.0 In 24 Hours: Strong M6.5 Earthquake Hits Bouvet Island In Southern Atlantic

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits Bouvet Island in Southern Atlantic

A strong and shallow M6.5 earthquake hit Bouvet Island situated in the southern Atlantic Ocean on December 13, 2017 at a depth of 15.7 km (9.8 mi). In contrast, EMSC is reporting M6.5 BUT A DEPTH OF 300 km (186 miles). This is the third strong earthquake above M6.0 after two hit Iran within the last 24 hours (M6.1 and M6.2), during which at least 58 have been injured.

In case you don’t know where Bouvet Island is… Here you go! It’s somehow close to Antarctica:

M6.5 earthquake bouvet island, M6.5 earthquake bouvet island dec 13 2017, M6.5 earthquake bouvet island december 13

This third M6.0+ earthquake was preceded by a M6.2 earthquake that hit southeastern Iran at 08:43 UTC (12:13 local time) and a second – a M6.1 earthquake – that hit 12 hours later on December 12, 2017. Meanwhile numerous aftershocks are rattling the region. The M6.1 earthquake also injured at least 58 people. Here some pictures:

earthquake iran

Source: Third Quake > 6.0 In 24 Hours: Strong M6.5 Earthquake Hits Bouvet Island In Southern Atlantic
Libya: Secret deal unveiled between Italy and Libyan traffickers' militia "5 million € every month"

Source: Libya: Secret deal unveiled between Italy and Libyan traffickers' militia "5 million € every month"
YoNews Portal / Solar Power Towers Are 'Vaporizing' Birds
« Last post by YoNews on Yesterday at 11:20:03 PM »
Solar Power Towers Are 'Vaporizing' Birds

Rewire reports that during the test, operators fired up a third of the 110-megawatt facility’s mirrors, concentrating sunlight on a spot 1,200 feet off the ground. Over a six-hour period, biologists counted 130 "streamers," or trails of smoke and water left behind as birds ignited and plummeted to their deaths. Rewire’s anonymous source said that at least one of the birds "turned white hot and vaporized completely."

Source: Solar Power Towers Are 'Vaporizing' Birds

YoNews Portal / Bill Lost His Memory
« Last post by YoNews on Yesterday at 11:20:03 PM »
Bill Lost His Memory

By Benny Wills “Bill Lost His Memory” is a poem about political and spiritual awakening. Written and performed by Benny Wills of The Joy Camp....
Source: Bill Lost His Memory
Facebook Criticized After Finding Little Evidence Of Russian Meddling In Brexit Vote

A top British lawmaker has accused Facebook of failing to thoroughly investigate whether Russia attempted to influence last year's vote to leave the European Union after the social media giant said it found only three suspicious advertisements.
Source: Facebook Criticized After Finding Little Evidence Of Russian Meddling In Brexit Vote

From News Feed
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