Welcome to Chat Brat Anonymous - North
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Nov 23, 2016    10:08:54 PM
If you are reading this message. That means that Chat Brat has broken again.

You are welcome to use this board ( and any other area of the site ) to keep in touch with each other.

If you would like any cookies, cake , moose tracks , colt 45. Sorry, You should have brought that with you.

Invision is probably enjoying your stash right now.


Sadie is the head chief on this board. 

Nov 23, 2016    11:18:07 PM
Yep!  :dance3:

Wahya will even have his own smilie!  :wolfman:


Nov 24, 2016    12:13:50 AM
We're CBA blue.  :woohoo:


Nov 24, 2016    12:38:07 AM

Morgan loves it!!!!!! :thumb: :D :woohoo: :hugs: :kissing:


* Nov 26, 2016    06:36:06 PM
Home away from home.  :thumb:


* Nov 26, 2016    10:58:56 PM
Just testing to see if I can post......


Nov 30, 2016    04:33:44 PM
Did a little house cleaning on this rainy wednesday.

all the little post icons up top should show for you now.

This is the image post button. It's a little hard to tell. It works just like chatbrat's  post button.

some of the buttons are a little redundant. you don't really need to use the youtube , vimeo , flash or embed buttons. most videos will post and play just by posting their url.


Jun 04, 2017    03:17:46 AM
I lied about the no ads :cow:

but , you don't have to put up with the other occasion2b gimmicks and whistles and bells in this area  :thumb:

* Jan 20, 2018    08:43:21 AM

Just  :chainwave: :chainwave:wandering though