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dod/cia man out of my office yesterday, Khan Shaykoun terrorist incident file (part) - Veterans Today

There were terrorists in the area, no matter what erdogan has been attempting to conceal. Just for fun, here is my scratch pad from around the time of the terrorism incident. I have been dealing with a suspected case against me in the United States of America for exposing Turkish terrorism which connects with Netanyahu. […]
Source: dod/cia man out of my office yesterday, Khan Shaykoun terrorist incident file (part) - Veterans Today
Today's News / Word of the year 2017
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Word of the year 2017

Can you sum up the year with one word? We asked every language of Euronews what their's would be
Source: Word of the year 2017

From News Feed
We Muslims are shocked, SHOCKED by USA’s sex-harassment epidemic - Veterans Today

An American Muslim mulls over the sexual harassment witch hunts.
Source: We Muslims are shocked, SHOCKED by USA’s sex-harassment epidemic - Veterans Today
The Fed is Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic (the Iceberg Comes in 2018)…”The time to prepare for this is NOW before the carnage hits.”

By: Graham Summers

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Fed concludes its final FOMC meeting of the year today.

The entire financial world expects the Fed to raise rates a final time. This will mark the fifth rate hike since December 2015, and the fourth of the last 12 months.

Throughout this time period, the Fed has routinely stated that it is confused as to why inflation is “too low.”

Inflation is not too low. The method the Fed uses to measure inflation is intentionally incorrect. As a result, the official inflation numbers reflect whatever the Fed wants, as opposed to reality.

Alan Greenspan devised this entire gimmick back in the 1990s. At that point, the amount of debt in the US financial had already become a systemic issue.

So Greenspan opted to “paper over” this fact via inflation… hoping that by aggressively devaluing the US Dollar he could keep this game going.

The only problem as far as the Fed was concerned was that the inflation numbers would reveal the Fed’s strategy. So Greenspan started tinkering with how the Fed measured inflation, removing various components (food and energy) and tweaking things so the Fed would no longer measure the cost of maintaining the same quality of life.

Greenspan hoped understating inflation publicly he would give him the cover he needed to pursue an aggressive devaluation of the US Dollar. The flip side of this was that the Fed would begin intentionally creating asset bubbles by maintaining loose monetary policy ad infinitum.

The late ‘90s was the Tech Bubble.

When that burst in the mid-‘00s, the Fed created a bubble in housing.

When that burst in ’08 the Fed created a bubble in US sovereign bonds or Treasuries.

And because these bonds are the bedrock of the US financial system, the “risk-free rate” of return against which ALL risk assets are valued, when the Fed did this it created a bubble in EVERYTHING (hence our coining of the term “The Everything Bubble” and our bestselling book by the same name).

That bubble is now beginning to burst. And ironically it is inflation (which the Fed claims is too low) that will do it.

It will take time for this to unfold, but as I recently told clients, we’re currently in “late 2007” for the coming crisis.

The time to prepare for this is NOW before the carnage hits.

The Rest…HERE

Source: The Fed is Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic (the Iceberg Comes in 2018)…”The time to prepare for this is NOW before the carnage hits.”
POLLAK: Eight Reasons This Year’s Hanukkah Is the Best in a Long Time

POLLAK: Eight Reasons This Year’s Hanukkah Is the Best in a Long Time, BreitbartJoel B. Pollak, December 12, 2017

Jack Guez / Getty

This year’s Jewish holiday of Hanukkah — which starts at sundown on Tuesday, Dec. 12 and continues for eight days and nights through sundown on Wednesday, Dec. 20 — may be the best in recent memory.

The holiday commemorates the successful revolt by the Jews of ancient Israel against the Seleucid Greeks in the second century B.C., and the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, where holy oil that should have lasted for one day miraculously burned for eight.

Jews observe the holiday by lighting an eight-branch candelabra, often called a menorah, adding one candle each night. (In recent years, the Chabad organization has popularized public menorah-lightings.) In addition, people exchange gifts; play with a top called a dreidel; and eat fried delicacies, such as potato pancakes (latkes) or jelly doughnuts (sufganiot). Here is why this year’s Hanukkah (or Chanukah) is among the best ever.

1. Jerusalem. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital made clear that Israeli sovereignty in the city, the center of the Jewish faith, is permanent. Of course, Israel had made Jerusalem its capital through hard work and military sacrifice. But like the original Hanukkah, the symbolic part of the victory is just as important. It was a decision that took great courage, and will ultimately make peace easier, not harder, to achieve.

2. Obama is out of office. Last year, just before Hanukkah, a lame-duck President Barack Obama stabbed Israel in the back at the United Nations Security Council by abstaining from, rather than vetoing, a resolution that declared Israel’s presence in the Old City of Jerusalem — where Jews have lived for millennia — a “a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to … a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.” Good riddance.

3. John Kerry is gone, too. After Obama’s “parting shot” at Israel, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry added insult to injury by delivering an address at the State Department in which he attacked the Israeli government and blamed Israel for the impasse in negotiations with Palestinians. The speech was staged in the middle of Hanukkah. It was largely ignored by Israelis but showed the depth of anti-Israel feeling at the top of the Obama administration.

4. New ties with the Arab world. In the past year, with President Trump in office, parts of the Arab world have been reaching out to Israel to build relations as the threat of a potentially nuclear-armed Iran looms over the region. In May, Air Force One completed the first-known flight directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel, a hopeful sign that the Muslim world might finally be reconciling itself to the existence of a small Jewish democracy in the Middle East.

5. Cool Jews. Jews continue to do interesting and important things in the world. There has never been a more Jewish First Family, with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump proudly observing their faith and raising their children in a Jewish home. There is Alex Bregman, the Houston Astros player who became the first Jew to hit a walk-off hit in the World Series. We have our bad apples, like every group, but there is more to be proud of than ever.

6. Best White House Hanukkah party. Invitations to the party were notoriously difficult to find — but you can watch the proceedings on C-SPAN. What was particularly special was the fact that the ceremony stuck to the religious rules. Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik did not allow the recitations of the actual Hanukkah blessings, which would have been premature. Instead, he found a dignified substitute: the blessing upon meeting a head of state.

7. Introspection. Josh Block, a thoughtful liberal Democrat, has just published one of the most important essays on Jewish communal life in the last several years. He warns that the recent preoccupation with “social justice” by many Jewish institutions is undermining the community’s foundations by ignoring the continuity of Jewish life. It is a conservative critique that has finally entered the Jewish mainstream, meaning there is hope to turn things around.

8. Optimism. You might not know it, from the way the media tie themselves in knots over everything Trump does (or tweets), but the world is doing rather well. The U.S. economy is booming, and the global economy is looking good. The so-called “Islamic State” has been smashed. Technology is racing ahead, from blockchain to electric trucks. There are still big challenges — and new will to tackle them. That’s “good for the Jews,” and for everyone.

Source: POLLAK: Eight Reasons This Year’s Hanukkah Is the Best in a Long Time

From News Feed
Deep State Debauchery: Deputy AG Rosenstein says No Good Cause to Fire Crooked Cop Robert Mueller from Special Counsel

by Jim Hoft

December 13, 2017

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte called for the hearing after recent media reports revealed the political motives of Special Counsel Mueller’s staff.

Rosenstein was a member of the Obama cabal who approved the Uranium One deal allowing the Clintons to pocket MEGA-MILLIONS from the Russians. Rosenstein and Mueller hid the Clinton-Russia scandal from Congress.

Rosenstein set up the Mueller Special Counsel after AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigation.

On Wedneday Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein said there was no good cause to fire Mueller from the highly partisan witch hunt against Donald Trump.

The Rest…HERE

Source: Deep State Debauchery: Deputy AG Rosenstein says No Good Cause to Fire Crooked Cop Robert Mueller from Special Counsel
California fire threatens upmarket resort of Montecito as blaze threatens for another week

AN out-of-control California wildfire that has already destroyed nearly 700 homes in its path of destruction crept closer to the upscale hillside community of Montecito despite calmer winds that slowed its progress.

Wed, Dec 13, 2017

The Thomas Fire, which broke out on December 4 near the community of Ojai, has since travelled 27 miles to become the fifth-largest blaze in state history. It has blackened more than 368 square miles in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, an area larger than New York City.

Officials said that while the conflagration charred another 2,500 acres overnight, a break in the hot, dry Santa Ana winds yesterday sapped its forward momentum and allowed crews to prevent further damage to homes.

“It’s doing what we want it to do. The fire is staying away from the homes,” said Captain Steve Concialdi of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The flames were 25 per cent contained as of yesterday evening.

Captain Concialdi said that some of the 7,000 firemen deployed against the blaze had taken advantage of the better weather to set controlled burns in a canyon near the community of Carpinteria and near homes in an effort to further deprive the flames of fuel.

The National Weather Service has warned that the Santa Ana winds could return as early as today, meaning that the fire remains dangerous and unpredictable.

“Severe fire weather will continue to promote significant fire growth further into Santa Barbara County, threatening the communities of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Montecito and Summerland,” Cal Fire said in a statement.

In Washington, members of the House of Representatives met Vice President Mike Pence to discuss the crisis. Representative Julia Brownley, whose district includes Ventura, said all resources had arrived to fight the blaze, which could take another week to contain.

In Carpinteria, Michelle Warner, who has lived in the seaside town her whole life, and her toddler daughter wore face masks to protect them from the thick smoke. Thanks to the firefighters’ efforts, Mrs Warner, a 45-year-old writer, said she had no plans to evacuate.

The Rest…HERE

Source: California fire threatens upmarket resort of Montecito as blaze threatens for another week
Is Kim planning ANOTHER missile launch this Sunday? Experts fear North Korea leader will carry out new test to mark the anniversary of Kim Jong-il’s death

US think-tank has warned of possible ‘weapons of mass destruction activities’

December 17 has been identified as possible date for a new ballistic missile test

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il died on that date in 2011


13 December 2017

Kim Jong-un may be planning another missile launch this Sunday to mark the anniversary of his father’s death, experts say.

A Washington DC think-tank has warned of potential ‘weapons of mass destruction activities’ in North Korea with December 17 seen as a possible date for a new ballistic missile test.

Previous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il died on that date in 2011. In the past, Pyongyang has marked such commemorations with rocket tests and military drills.

In research released in late November, the respected Center for Strategic and International Studies said date analysis showed elevated chances for provocations by the secretive nation within four weeks. 

Meanwhile Kim Jong Un vowed to develop more nuclear weapons on Tuesday while personally decorating scientists and officials who contributed to the development of Pyongyang’s most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-15. 

Hwasong-15, which was test-launched on November 29, has been largely perceived by analysts and government officials to have a range that can reach all of the mainland United States.

However, experts believe North Korea still has some technical points it needs to improve before fully completing its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile that can hit the entirety of the United States.

The Rest…HERE

Source: Is Kim planning ANOTHER missile launch this Sunday? Experts fear North Korea leader will carry out new test to mark the anniversary of Kim Jong-il’s death
Troops, Toys & Threats: Trump Signs $700 Billion
Military Funding Bill

war money military industrial complex

US President Donald Trump has signed into law $700 billion in funding to the Pentagon, which includes a pay raise for troops and funding for a number of pet projects. It also breaks the ceiling set by the 2011 law on budget caps.

Congress sent the final version of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to Trump at the end of November, and he ceremonially signed the bill Tuesday. The White House noted that the bill envisioned the largest pay raise for US military personnel in eight years and the biggest military expansion since the 1980s.

The final markup allocates $634 billion to Pentagon operations and almost $66 billion for the overseas contingency operations (OCO) fund, intended for bankrolling wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. That’s about $32 billion more than what Trump initially requested.

Shiny toys

“Brand new beautiful equipment is on its way, the best you’ve ever had by far,” Trump said on Tuesday. The bill authorizes the purchase of many weapons systems. In particular, the Congressional version authorizes the expenditure of $10.6 billion for 94 Joint Strike Fighter planes, which is $3.1 billion and 24 planes more than the White House asked for.

This translates into 60 F-35A models for the US Air Force, 24 F-35B models for the Marines, and 10 F-35C models for the US Navy. Another 24 F/A-18 Super Hornets – 10 more than the administration requested – have also been approved, to make up the shortfall of Navy planes.

The bill also approves $103 million more than the government requested to restart the production of A-10 ground attack aircraft, a 1970s workhorse which the F-35 was supposed to replace.

More missile money

Over $12 billion is allocated to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), along with orders for a rapid buildup of missile defense capabilities to counter the threat from what Trump called the “vile dictatorship in North Korea.”

Congress approved $705 million for missile defense programs the US is developing jointly with Israel, including  $290 million for purchases and $268.5 million for research, development and testing – $558.5 million more than the administration requested.

Another $65 million is allocated for research and development of a ground-launched intermediate-range missile, in order to close the “capability gap” with Russia without violating the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

The bill declared that Russia’s RS-26 Rubezh ballistic missile is violating the INF Treaty. Trump took exception to that, saying he will “apply this provision consistent with the President’s constitutional authority to identify breaches of international agreements.”

More ‘warriors’

The NDAA would also see the size of America’s armed forces increase for the first time in seven years, with Trump referring to US service members as “warriors” during the signing of the bill on Tuesday.

“Finally, the defense bill authorizes major investments in our military’s greatest weapon of all: its warriors,” Trump said“The NDAA increases the size of the American armed forces for the first time in seven years, and it provides our military service members with their largest pay increase in eight years.”

Trump has long spoken of wanting to build up the “depleted” US military, stating in February that America was going to start “winning wars again.”

Big Bad Russians

Claiming that “Russian aggression” requires the US to consider permanently deploying troops in Eastern Europe, the NDAA allocates funds for “European Deterrence Initiative” to the base Pentagon budget. Such funding was previously part of the contingency operations fund.

The Russian threat was also invoked to prohibit the Pentagon from using software developed by Kaspersky Labs, and to approve $500 million in “defensive lethal assistance” to Ukraine. However, the disbursement of these funds will be conditional on “substantial” reforms of Ukraine’s military by the authorities in Kiev, which would need to be certified by the US Secretary of Defense.

War without end

Even though Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has been declared defeated in Syria and Iraq, the NDAA authorizes $1.8 billion in funding for counter-IS efforts via the “train and equip” program. Another $4.9 billion was allocated for the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund, of which $25 million will go towards “recruitment, training, and integration of women into the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.”

Pentagon audit and reforms

The 2018 NDAA also requires the Pentagon to certify its financial statements as ready for audit. Last week, the Department of Defense announced it would start the first-ever audit of some $4.2 trillion in assets.

Section 910 of the NDAA promotes the Chief Management Officer (CMO), to the third most senior position in the Pentagon. While Trump said he supports the policy behind it, the provision “raises constitutional concerns” related to the president’s appointment authority, he said in a signing statement.

In order for the NDAA to become law, Congress would need to repeal the 2011 sequester that imposes limits on federal spending, which has not happened yet. The law caps 2018 military spending at $549 billion.


Among the amendments to the NDAA, No 1096 aims to “prohibit multichannel video programming distributors from being required to carry certain video content that is owned or controlled by the Government of the Russian Federation.”

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) submitted the amendment, proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and co-sponsored by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island).

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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Contributed by of

Source: Troops, Toys & Threats: Trump Signs $700 Billion
Military Funding Bill
Today's News / Saudi Ambassador states support for Lebanon's press
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Saudi Ambassador states support for Lebanon's press

Saudi Arabia’s new ambassador to Lebanon, Walid al-Yaacoub, has expressed the kingdom’s support for Lebanon and its press, at a news conference Wednesday with chief of the Lebanese Press Federation Aouni al-Kaaki.
Source: Saudi Ambassador states support for Lebanon's press

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