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Paula Deen is attempting a comeback with a new cooking show — here are the scandalous moments that ruined her career

Paula Deen is attempting a comeback after losing her TV show and many endorsements after allegations of racist and otherwise inappropriate actions.
Source: Paula Deen is attempting a comeback with a new cooking show — here are the scandalous moments that ruined her career

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Australia's Victoria Sets Lofty Goals for Kids' Cannabis Treatment

Having become the first Australian state to legalize locally grown medicinal cannabis in 2016, Victoria has successfully completed a trial involving 29 kids with severe epilepsy, according to reports.
Source: Australia's Victoria Sets Lofty Goals for Kids' Cannabis Treatment

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General Discussion / Loose galleries
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Confirmed: NBC News crew spotted inside bunker that sent
Hawaii missile alert, just hours before alert went out

News crew granted access to secure bunker that receives an encrypted call from USPACCOM if an airborne missile posses a threat to Hawaii on the very same day, hours, before the botched alert went out to the public

OAHU (INTELLIHUB) — It’s been confirmed that an NBC News crew gained access to a highly-secure bunker facility in which the Jan. 13 “ballistic missile threat” alert message was sent from, just hours before the message was broadcast, reportedly in error.

“Hours before the false alarm sounded with warning of an inbound missile we had exclusive access to the bunker where it was sent from,” an NBC News spokesman blatantly admitted in a Jan. 15 report which aired on the Nightly News titled “Nerves Rattled After Missile False Alarm in Hawaii.”

“Let me take you to where the show starts,” Hawaii Emergency Management spokesman David Hafner told the crew before the alert was issued using a rather odd choice of words. “This is where the call comes in that notifies us of a ballistic missile launch.”

Hafner said that his agency would receive a call from from Pacific Command if a threat were imminent and that’s when Hawaii Emergency Management Agency would then “decide whether or not to activate the siren.”

When the reporter asked where the encrypted secure phone was that receives the call, Hafner showed him and even picked up the receiver for a few seconds which opened up the line — something that should have never been done. What if Pacific Command was trying to get through at that very moment and they couldn’t because the line was open? This is complete and total negligence at best.

According to NBC News, “The call from the U.S. military Pacific Command never came, instead the alert was sent out in error, turning Hawaii upside-down.”

Can someone explain why NBC News was granted access to a secure bunker just hours before the botched message was sent out?

Can someone explain why @NBCNews was granted access to a secure bunker just hours before the botched #Hawaii #missilealert #message was sent out?

— Shepard Ambellas (@ShepardAmbellas) January 17, 2018

Featured Image: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr
©2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.
Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook. Subscribe to Shep’s YouTube channel.

Follow @ShepardAmbellas

The post Confirmed: NBC News crew spotted inside bunker that sent Hawaii missile alert, just hours before alert went out appeared first on Intellihub.

Source: Confirmed: NBC News crew spotted inside bunker that sent
Hawaii missile alert, just hours before alert went out
What Is Happening Is Absolutely Stunning…We Haven’t Seen This In More Than 100 Years

January 17, 2018

As global markets continue to surprise investors and traders alike, what is now happening is absolutely stunning.  In fact, we haven’t seen this in more than 100 years.

By Peter Boockvar, author of the Boock Report

January 17 (King World News) – Here is what Peter Boockvar wrote as the world awaits the next round of monetary madness:  Putting aside one’s opinion on the market, here are some stats that we can all agree reflect an extraordinarily stretched situation this morning that was a precursor to the breather we are seeing…

Peter Boockvar continues:  I had to go back to early 1971 to see the daily 14 day Relative Strength Index this high in the SPX. On the DJIA, go back to 1955. For the monthly RSI in the DJIA, never in more than 100 years of history was it higher at this morning’s high (see remarkable chart below).

The Rest…HERE

Source: What Is Happening Is Absolutely Stunning…We Haven’t Seen This In More Than 100 Years
Reset Rule of Law – Dr. Dave Janda…”So, are there going to be mass arrests and prosecutions? Janda says, “I believe that it’s going to happen”…(Good News!!…Must Listen!!)

By Greg Hunter

January 17, 2018

Dr. Dave Janda is a radio host and a patriot who is a Washington outsider with insider contacts. Janda says a new Inspector General’s report will be the beginning of the reset of the rule of law.  Janda explains, “Comey, Lynch and Clinton are now in the crosshairs, and I believe that’s accurate.  Many people believe that the Inspector General’s report was not going to happen and was not going to be turned in.  1.2 million pages were delivered to Congress. . . . The reason why this report is important is, I believe, it will reset the rule of law in this country.  The rule of law in this country has been abandoned.  It has been massacred by the globalists.  That was not by accident–it was by intent.  The rule of law was used to persecute people that were freedom fighters and against the globalist system . . . they were shoved to the side, and the globalists, such as the Clintons, the Bushes or the Obamas, or their puppets like Soros, and all these other puppets of the globalists, could act out the globalist game plan.  What this Inspector General’s report, I believe and many people believe, will lead to is a significant escalation of what the rule of law should be.”

Janda goes on to say, “The Inspector General’s report is going to unearth collusion in the Justice Department and the FBI about the possible re-engineering of the election results in 2016. It will show the illegal surveillance, not just of Trump, but of millions of Americans whose 4th amendment rights were violated.  It’s going to reopen the Clinton Foundation and their pay-to-play program.  Uranium is just a part of that and, remember, 20% of the uranium production in the United States was delivered to Russia. . . . The Inspector General’s report will also open Hillary’s emails.”

So, are there going to be mass arrests and prosecutions? Janda says, “I believe that it’s going to happen, and I know people are saying that it’s pure fantasy and that it’s just not going to happen. . . .  One of most effect control mechanisms is the human trafficking pedophile situation.  The media won’t report on this because they are part of it . . . . Look at the CIA’s Operation Mocking Bird where they have infiltrated every aspect of the media to deliver the globalist message.  They are complicit in it.”

There are big changes coming to Washington, and Janda says Americans cannot remain quiet. Janda says, “People cannot be bench players any longer.  Everyone listening needs to be calling Congress, Senators, their Governors, and all they have to say is this:  We’re watching you, and we want you to finally do what is right for every person in this country.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda, host and creator of the popular radio show “Operation Freedom.”

After the Interview:

You can catch Dr. Janda on his website There is free information, analysis on the site along with ground breaking interviews with cutting edge patriots by Dr. Janda.

Source: Reset Rule of Law – Dr. Dave Janda…”So, are there going to be mass arrests and prosecutions? Janda says, “I believe that it’s going to happen”…(Good News!!…Must Listen!!)
‘The way Trump is talking about Africans is how people used to talk about Jews before the Holocaust”

ed note–it simply HAD to happen, and remember, ‘they’ utilize this weapon known as the ‘H’ bomb ONLY against those they have set out to destroy and not against those who are actively giving them every thing they demand.

On Thursday, January 11, during a discussion of immigration with congressmen from both parties, the President of the United States was reported to have asked, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Such “shithole” countries included Haiti and a number of nations in Africa. The social media universe lit up immediately with many expressing shock and outrage that the president would say such a thing so openly.

Perhaps it was time, many said, to stop beating around the bush and call out the president for what he truly is: a racist. The truth is, the time for that came well before this latest outburst. But his most recent outrage does provide an opportunity to reflect on the danger that such vile rhetoric can pose, especially when spewed from the highest authority in the land.

As someone currently writing about anti-Semitism and immigration in Germany in the United States around the turn of the twentieth century, the rhetoric of this president is all too familiar. Similar sentiments were commonly directed toward Jews in both countries before and after the First World War. Back then, much of the immigration debate involved concerns over the “racial health” of the nation. Superior, white Anglo-Saxon/Germanic stock (which, many believed, had been responsible for ‘making America great’) was in danger of decline through the inclusion of inferior, darker peoples from Eastern and Southern Europe. Trump’s expressed preference for Norwegians echoes such racist, eugenic notions.

Back a century or so ago, Jews were the ones playing the role that Haitians and Africans are playing today in the president’s thinking. Consular reports entered into the record during congressional debates over immigration in 1920 described Jews as “an undesirable class of immigrant” representing an “immediate danger of carrying contagious diseases” and exhibiting “signs of mental, physical, and moral depreciation.” In 1922, Hugh Gibson, American Minister to Poland, described “awful” Jewish villages that he encountered in that country. “Never,” he wrote, “have I seen nigger villages at home so utterly shiftless and hopeless as the Jewish settlements along the road. The people are filthy and sullen and you wonder why they go on living.” These were the people that journalist Kenneth Roberts called “human parasites” in his 1922 book Why Europe Leaves Home.

Already by the 1890s there developed a strong association between Jews and disease. After successfully excluding Chinese workers in 1882, America’s white supremacists sought additional ways to keep out other undesirable immigrants, the newly arriving Jews among them. Health standards became one way to do that. And as American immigration agents enforced such standards with ever-greater zeal, they began sending immigrants back across the ocean.

Located across the route from Eastern Europe to the United States, Germany became a transit-land for the millions of poor, unassimilated Jews seeking better prospects in the “Golden Land.” Concern that these Jews might be sent back led the German government and then the shipping companies themselves to set up medical stations along the country’s eastern border and quarantine stations in Berlin and the ports of Hamburg and Bremen. The very fact that Jews had to be checked for disease and even “deloused” before they could travel attached a very powerful stigma to this group—Jews were carriers of disease, threatening to infect and weaken the German or American racial body.

We know what role that stigma played in Germany after the First World War. The image of the Jew as pest, as bacillus, as the polluter of healthy Aryan blood was among the most common tropes in Nazi propaganda. By the 1940s, then, the “delousing” of Jews meant death.

In America, the fear of people migrating from such “shithole” countries in Eastern Europe played an important role in the rise of anti-Semitism to unprecedented levels during that same period. Already back in the 1890s health agents in New York tasked with moving Jews into quarantine acted brutally in taking them from their homes. In 1924 Congress all but shut the door to further immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe while continuing to allow the flow of “superior” white northern Europeans. But while Norwegians could still come to America over the coming decades, immigration restriction helped seal the fate of unknown numbers of Jews who looked to this country as a refuge from the horrors of the Holocaust.

The truth is it was clear long before the president’s latest outburst that he is a racist. And the mountain of evidence grows larger seemingly by the day. After all, this is a man who refused to unequivocally condemn people who marched with swastika flags on the campus of an American university. The message sent by his moral failure on that day is the same as the message he sent yesterday. Americans—real Americans—are white and Christian. They are the ones that count. The others? The ones from the “shitholes” of the world? They’re a threat. And as we saw on that horrible day in Charlottesville, Trump’s followers know what to do with people they consider a threat. There should be no shock whatsoever when the violence increases.

There is no clearer message of exclusion than what Donald Trump expressed so freely to his colleagues on Capitol Hill about who does and does not belong in this country. But fortunately, we have history to tell us where such exclusionary rhetoric leads. Donald Trump can define his own community any way he likes. It’s up to all the rest of us—the outraged—to keep our community as wide, as open, and as welcoming as possible.

Source: ‘The way Trump is talking about Africans is how people used to talk about Jews before the Holocaust”

From News Feed
Germany’s first sex-doll brothel is now open for business


An unusual brothel that invites its customers to engage in some XXX-rated doll play is open for business in Dortmund, and is the first establishment of its kind in Germany.  An extravagant bordello called Bordoll has opened in the German city of Dortmund and, like its name suggests, all of its ‘sex workers’ are dolls – literally.  CONTINUE READING

Source: Germany’s first sex-doll brothel is now open for business

From News Feed
Doomsday Clock WARNING: Pentagon leak says US preparing attack in response to cybyerhacks

DONALD Trump wants to make it easier to use nuclear weapons as his war of words with North Korea escalates, sparking fury from anti-nuclear pressure groups.


Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Donald Trump has been accused of “winding the Doomsday Clock in the wrong direction” by pushing for more war-ready powers as tensions rise in the Middle East, Asia and Russia escalate.

The papers demand the right to use nuclear weapons in response to serious cyberattacks. Current laws restrict such a devastation reaction to extreme cases such as after a biological attack against the United States.

Anti-nuclear campaigners said there is “something seriously wrong” with the current administration after the draft of the Pentagon’s 2018 Nuclear Posture Review was leaked this week.

It indicates Mr Trump wants “supplements” to America’s already-fearsome nuclear arsenal, which currently numbers more than 1,000 nuclear warheads.

The draft, revealed by Huffington Post, said more nuclear strength was needed to “correct” Russia’s “mistaken perception” they held the upper hand. The Pentagon said they want more firepower to “meet the emerging requirements” of the changing world situation.

The report said: “These supplements will enhance deterrence by denying potential adversaries any mistaken confidence that limited nuclear employment can provide a useful advantage over the United States and its allies.

“For example, Russia’s belief that limited nuclear first use, potentially including low-yield weapons, can provide such an advantage is based, in part, on Moscow’s perception that its greater number and variety of non-strategic nuclear systems provide a coercive advantage in crises and at lower levels of conflict.

“Correcting this mistaken Russian perception is a strategic imperative.”

It sparked fury among anti-nuclear war campaigners, including the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

ICAN’s executive director Beatrice Fihn said: “These new leaks from the Pentagon show they are trying to make it easier for Donald Trump to use nuclear weapons. Does anybody seriously think it was not easy enough already?

The Rest…HERE

Source: Doomsday Clock WARNING: Pentagon leak says US preparing attack in response to cybyerhacks
North Korea could turn to dealing deadly CRYSTAL METH to fund its weapons programmes

NORTH Korea could become the world’s biggest crystal meth dealer if the rogue state’s army of highly trained hackers turn their talents to peddling the deadly drug on the dark web, a money laundering expert has warned.


Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Kim Jong-un’s regime may seek to copy the Taliban in Afghanistan by selling illegal drugs to the West to fund his cash-strapped government and avoid international sanctions, Loretta Napoleoni said.

The economist, who is also a specialist on terrorism financing, warned North Korea could easily become the world’s largest producer of highly addictive methamphetamine – commonly known as crystal meth.

The powerful stimulant is a Class A drug in the UK and long-term use can leave addicts suffering from a raft of serious mental health problems ranging from paranoia and delusions to severe psychosis.

And by selling the deadly drug through the dark web, which allows buyers to remain anonymous and buy illicit substances through eBay-style marketplaces, Pyongyang could earn millions to fund its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

Writing in her new book, ‘North Korea, the Country We Love to Hate’, Ms Napoleoni said: “If in 2018 the economic sanctions begin to bite… the best services that North Korean hackers could perform for their country is to offer access to the dark net to conduct illegal activities.

“Trade in crystal meth or methamphetamine, for example, is worth several billion dollars.

“It is easy to produce and at the moment the biggest producer is situated in Myanmar, but a state actor like North Korea could easily rival such output.”

Kim’s regime is resorting to increasingly creative and desperate measures to avoid a growing list of crippling sanctions aimed at isolating the rogue state and strangling the funds it needs to develop its arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The Rest…HERE

Source: North Korea could turn to dealing deadly CRYSTAL METH to fund its weapons programmes
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