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Author Topic: New icy world with 20,000-year orbit could point to Planet Nine :: Science :: AAAS  (Read 122 times)

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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA-The solar system has gained a new extreme object: L91, a small, icy world with one of the longest known orbits, taking more than 20,000 years to go around the sun. Researchers have yet to pin down the object' size or mass, but they can add it to the growing list of frozen bodies circling well beyond Neptune in strange orbits that imply gravitational disruptions from outside the sun and the known giant planets. In the case of L91, some astronomers say that external disrupter could be a ninth giant planet, as yet undiscovered. However, L91' discovery team favors a scenario in which the disturbance is more mundane: a passing star, or the Milky Way' gravity.



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