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Author Topic: THE NEPHILIM GIANTS :  (Read 210 times)

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« on: Apr 11, 2016    01:39:06 AM »


"This is a documentary series of videos put together by Operation KILLCEN covering the ancient history of Giants who once roamed the Earth. The findings from archeologists throughout the past 100 years are shocking and stunning. Giant human bones and skulls from excavation sites throughout the world have been uncovered time after time. Biblical scriptures have often mentioned the Nephilim Giants as well. Have governments and militaries known about the existence of ancient Giants, and if so, why would they have covered this history up? Once considered a vast conspiracy, documented evidence is still being uncovered today. The evidence is too vast to ignore. Even the History Channel has started to cover these revelations. Do you have an open mind to hear what experts have to say?"
Source: Mediafire