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Jan 16, 2018    11:16:11 AM

Author Topic: North Korea’s latest weapons of mass disruption REVEALED  (Read 10 times)

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North Korea’s latest weapons of mass disruption REVEALED
« on: Nov 14, 2017    03:40:04 PM »
North Korea’s latest weapons of mass disruption REVEALED

CYBER operations in North Korea have become the country’s new weapon of mass disruption amid fears hackers could increase the possibility of World War 3 breaking out.


Tue, Nov 14, 2017

As tensions escalate on the Korean peninsula, the cyber operations of the hermit state have added to the threat of nuclear missile launches with Kim Jong-un building both his nuclear arsenal and cybe capabilities.

Cyber operations in North Korea have been conducted to collect sensitive political and military intelligence information in order to attack their enemies.

The operations have included destructive attacks by cyber units during military exercises and there is a threat that they will target the global financial system.

In May North Korea was said to be behind the cyber attack on the NHS and in 2012, a cyber attack from Kim Jong-un’s state targeted South Korea’s financial and media sectors.

Only last year the North Koreans hacked South Korea’s defence data centre and stole top secret files, including American and South Korean operational plans for wartime action.

North Korea watchdog 38 North’s Adam Meyers said: “North Korea’s disregard for the consequences of its actions sets them apart from other nation state, and is particularly dangerous.”

He said North Korea’s isolation gives it an “effective shield from which to launch offensive cyber operations against a connected and delicate global system”.

According to 38 North, recent activity in North Korea has suggested an interest in getting cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, through extortion.

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Source: North Korea’s latest weapons of mass disruption REVEALED


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