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Author Topic: A Sword in the Soul  (Read 25 times)

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A Sword in the Soul
« on: Nov 05, 2017    08:00:06 PM »
A Sword in the Soul

Destroy all the bombs in the world
and war will still exist,
for war exists internally,
covering the core of humanity,
clothing the poor in tragedy,
Satan’s strategy, divide the classes
divorce the family.
The roots grow deep down to the dark of earth,
the sword in the soul is nothing more
than the mark of birth.
Machiavellian politics dominate
the calloused consciousness of mankind.
This uber ego separates the people
like body parts in a land mine.
War will never end until the war ends within.
Appearances are reflections
of aggression and pain,
children become orphans and wives widows
in a world of woes where men worship Cain.
Can we come to an agreement?
Man’s nature is peevish,
rather build an altar of idolatry
and worship Cain than Jesus.

Source: A Sword in the Soul