Israel officially supports the creation of a Kurdish state
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* Sep 13, 2017    10:20:05 PM
Israel officially supports the creation of a Kurdish state

Here are the 3 possible outcomes of the public announcement by Israel's leader.

For decades, Israel has had significant links to Kurdish groups throughout the Middle East. Long before President Erdogan led what in many ways amounts to a counter-revolution in Turkish politics, Israel's support of Kurdish separatist movements throughout the region, was often a sore point between Ankara and Tel Aviv, who apart from this issue, tended to have relations which ranged from good to very good.

Israel however, has now come out overtly supporting the creation of a Kurdish state, although it is not clear where Israeli leaders think such a state should be. Ostensibly however, Israel is speaking about a would-be Kurdish entity in the legitimate territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. This would make the most sense given the context of the statement as well as Israel's known frustration at the fact that Syria and her allies have all but won the war against Salafist terrorists.

Speaking to reporters, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel "supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state".

During the same speech, Netanyahu also said that he still considers the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) which operates in Turkey, to be a terrorist group. The motivation behind such a statement is clear enough, Turkey is the only country with a significant Kurdish population with which Israel has formal relations.

 The timing of Netanyahu's announcement, something he has hinted at in private and semi-private meetings in the past, is in many ways, more significant than the statement itself, which simply affirms a widely known fact of Tel Aviv's geo-strategic goals.

Source: Israel officially supports the creation of a Kurdish state