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Author Topic: Scientists Develop Vaccine That Brings Dead People Back To Life :: Nwo Report  (Read 142 times)

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Scientists have developed the world' first vaccine that is capable of bringing dead people back to life, using advanced stem cell technology.

Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor says his firm has developed injections that are literally capable of bringing dead people back to life.

The Philadelphia based firm plans to test the groundbreaking injections on brain-dead patients in Latin America - in a series of experiments that has been criticized as been highly unethical. reports: The injections have not been tested on animals, which is a prerequisite for human testing in many countries, so the trials will take place in an unspecified country in Latin America. A trial that was planned for India last year was ultimately blocked by the country' Council of Medical Research.

According to the firm' plans for that study, the subjects will be people aged 15 to 65 who have been declared brain dead following traumatic brain injury and are being kept alive on life support. MRI scans will be used to search for signs of brain death reversal. Their plans entail harvesting stem cells from a patient' own blood and then injecting them back into their bodies. This will be followed up by injections of peptides into their spinal cords.

The final stage involves 15 days of nerve stimulation via laser and median nerve stimulation to try to reverse the brain death, with the patients under regular monitoring through MRI scans.



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