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Author Topic: 10 Signs You've Come Across Someone In Your Soul Group :: Humans Are Free  (Read 142 times)

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Offline beast

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    Their lives and experience thus far shares similar traits as yours, acting almost as a mirror, helping you to better grasp your own situation.
    They bring to light certain personality traits of yours, promoting your growth
    They help you derive strengths from your weaknesses
    They may be the countering energy to your energy, showing you a different way of being
    They often help us be patient, compassionate and understanding
    They can help you recognize that you need to let go or overcome specific past events or emotions
    You work effortlessly together, sharing ideas and visions for projects or tasks
    They come into your life exactly when you need them, helping you progress
    They'll help promote the progress of your soul and advancement in your journey
    You might work together for a global cause or on a macro scale

Source: HumansAreFree %28Humans Are Free%29 - Leaked,,,Video showing free syrian army blowing a mosque to accuse the syrian army of

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Hate Speech as Free Speech: How Does That Work, Exactly?

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