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Author Topic: Preppers - No time to get complacent  (Read 555 times)

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Preppers - No time to get complacent
« on: Dec 24, 2016    05:26:01 AM »
This is just like a stock market bubble.

you need to use reverse psychology on yourself.

when the market bubbles and you're feeling good about it. It's probably time to lighten up on your stock purchases.

Same holds true for prepping.

Sure , Some people are feeling a little more optimistic about the future, But, that's when you got to start double downing on your preps while you can. Things can turn bad even faster then they are perceived to have turned positive.

Now is the time to get everything in order. Sure it looks good. Companies are hiring and giving year end bonuses again. overtime is available to just about anyone that wants it. Employees aren't afraid to ask for a raise anymore.

But with all that . Inflation is usually either here or about to start climbing fast.

so stock up and look up because what goes up. Always without fail comes down. :cow: