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Don't ever be worried about be prepared for work, or taking notes when you require to create something down. Well, you can now, for the reason that phone incorporates Wi - Fi and EDGE support. For example, when Google had just started people would say "I am searching something on the web with Google", whereas nowadays people sometimes say "I am Googling for something on the net".

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Ebola Out of Control - The American Interest

Report from Liberia      Ebola Out of Control A window into Liberia in the throes of the plague: Westerners boogie the night away in dance halls, sleep with local prostitutes even as authorities downplay the size of the epidemic. Families hide the truth about what’s wrong with their loved ones, fearing consequences of letting authorities and neighbors know the truth. That’s according to this terrifying account by the Guardian:
  [Sorious] Samura, a television journalist originally from Sierra Leone, said the Liberian authorities appeared to be deliberately downplaying the true number of cases, for fear of increasing alarm in the west African country.
“People are dying in greater numbers than we know, according to MSF [Médecins sans Frontières] and WHO officials. Certain departments are refusing to give them the figures – because the lower it is, the more peace of mind they can give people. The truth is that it is still not under control.” [...]
Samura believes sexual promiscuity among westerners could play a role in the virus’s spread abroad. Almost immediately after the outbreak was reported in March, Liberia’s health minister warned people to stop having sex because the virus was spread via bodily fluids as well as kissing.“I saw westerners in nightclubs, on beaches, guys picking up prostitutes,” he said. “Westerners who ought to know better are going to nightclubs and partying and dancing. It beggars belief. It’s scary.”
  If true, Ebola may not come to the West via Liberian or other West African citizens, but from returning aid workers, tourists, business people and others.


Re: Could Ebola be a "wag the dog" while Baghdad burns?

Somewhere we can find good news... As now Nigeria is Ebola free... That's a good start of entering new world of Ebola free... _______________________________________________________________________________

Re: Ebola outbreak 2014 update: 'Too late' for vaccine, WHO ...

This outbreak will harshly affect the stock markets now. Firstly according to me, Hotel and travel companies will be targeted. Hope the world finds the cure for this threat. _______________________________________________________________________________

Will Pooley told he may not be immune to Ebola as he returns to ...

Although it is widely assumed that a person cannot contract Ebola twice, this is not scientifically proven and Pooley has been warned that he still faces a risk. "They have told me I very likely have immunity, at least for the near future, to this strain of Ebola. I have also been told it' a possibility that I don't, so I will just have to act as if I don't," he told the Guardian.

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Ebola outbreak 2014 update: 'Too late' for vaccine, WHO warns ...

The latest Ebola outbreak 2014 update is a bleak one for U.S. citizens and world populations like. According to Jobs n Hire News this Sunday, October 19, 2014, some health experts are saying it is "too late" for a virus vaccine to adequately stop the epidemic at this point in time due to an increasing number of cases. WHO warns of even more potentially fatal cases in the near future, noting that a possible 10,000 new diagnoses of the virus could be made each and every week in various locations before the year ends.

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Ebola death toll soars to 4,555 out of 9,216 cases: WHO - Yahoo ...


The UN health agency said that 4,555 people had died from Ebola out of a total of 9,216 cases registered in seven countries, as of October 14.

A toll dated just two days earlier had put the death toll at 4,493 out of 8,997 cases.

Friday's announcement came as Western countries scramble to ward off a feared global spread of Ebola -- one of the deadliest viruses known to man.

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