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Obama announces immigration reform, America forgets to watch - ...


Concerned about nuclear pact, Israel weighs action against Iran: ...

The nuclear pact being negotiated between Iran and world powers is unpalatable to Israel, and may hasten the prospect of a military confrontation with Tehran, The Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday.

As the globe's six big nuclear powers inch toward a Nov. 24 deadline to strike a comprehensive deal with Iran, sources within Israel's government told the publication that the proposal to curb Tehran's nuclear ambitions would all but guarantee the standoff would continue.

Outlines of the deal would restrict Iran's nuclear program for ten years, and cap its ability to weaponize fissile material to at least nine months, the Post reported.

Tehran has yet to indicate its agreement. However, Israeli officials told the paper that intelligence surrounding the program was still unclear over how extensive the nuclear program was, and Israel appears unwilling to take the risk.

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Afghan leaders back troops deal -

Afghanistan's parliament has approved agreements with the US and Nato allowing international troops to remain in the country past the end of this year amid a renewed offensive by Taliban militants.

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Ebola crisis update - 21st November 2014

Since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was officially declared on 22 March in Guinea, it has claimed 5,420 lives in the region. The outbreak is the largest ever, and is currently affecting four countries in West Africa: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Mali. One person in Spain and three people in the USA have recovered; one person in the USA has died. Outbreaks in Nigeria and Senegal have been declared over. A separate outbreak in DRC has also ended.

Following announcements made in the last weeks, deployment of international aid is slowly rolling out in the three main countries affected: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. However, there is little indication that current efforts to increase capacity to isolate and take care of suspected and confirmed Ebola cases will address needs sufficiently.
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Over 50 injured after strong quake hits central Japan - ...

Some 57 people were injured and about 10 houses collapsed after a strong quake hit Nagano Prefecture in central Japan late Saturday, reports cited local authorities as saying Sunday.

Injuries were reported in Nagano City and Hakuba village, where more than 80 people spent the night in an evacuation shelter, following the 6.7-magnitude quake that hit the region at 10:08 pm Saturday (1308 GMT).

The quake was revised down to 6.7-magnitude from 6.8-magnitude, according to the Japan's Meteorological Agency.

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Joe Biden retreats from angry crowd in Ukraine - Washington Times

Vice President Joseph R. Biden retreated from an angry crowd in Kiev Friday when his Secret Service agents decided the situation was not safe.

Mr. Biden was to meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at a site in central Kiev where demonstrators were killed earlier this year during the country' revolution. But his motorcade encountered a large and "unruly" crowd, many of whom were shouting "shame" at Mr. Poroshenko for failing to prosecute those responsible for the killings.

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