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NUDGING TO WAR: U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Army Fighter Jet

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 05:10
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issue this statement: "We call on the United State and all others who have their forces or advisors on the ground [in Syria] to ensure the coordination in our work. Zones of de-escalation are one of the possible options to jointly move forward. We call on everyone to avoid unilateral moves, respect Syrian sovereignty and join our common work which is agreed with the Syrian Arab Republic' government."

21WIRE reported earlier this week how the presence of US and UK troops on the ground inside of Syrian sovereign territory may be provoking an escalation of an already tense situation in both Raqqa and in the region around al-Tanf. US-led coalition forces are supposedly there to train and assist 'anti-ISIS' militias, but also anti-Assad 'rebel' militias too. The US also also trying to impose self-styled 'deconfliction zones' around al-Tanf.


Russia is being quiet after Syran jet shot Down

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 03:40
Maybe too quiet

Will they let this go unanswered ?

I've had to resort to using honey pot again.

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 00:26
thanks a lot dickheads.

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