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The Feminist Threat To Women And Men

The Feminist Threat To Women And Men

Recently I read in CounterPunch two feminist rants against men. Not all men, just white heterosexual men. It is not always easy for a male of my generation to understand what feminists are saying, but I try.

by Paul Craig Roberts

One seems to be saying that women live in a society that puts in power men who believe that violence against women is acceptable.

Elevating her accusation to a fact, the writer says that women should not have to prove their case when they bring sexual harassment and assault charges, much less prove their “personal validity to even be making a case against a man.”

Is the writer saying that any irate woman should have the right to impugn a man with an unchallenged charge? Do men and American society believe that violence against women is acceptable?


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Source: The Feminist Threat To Women And Men

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