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The Best Predictor of What Is Coming Is On Your Television

The Best Predictor of What Is Coming Is On Your Television

by Dave Hodges

Wednesday, June 19 2019

In the remake of the movie, 1984, I remember being surprised when I found out that the invading force in the movie was changed from Chinese to North Korean. However, when I learned that the Chinese are largely in control of Hollywood, I completely understood the term predictive programming and its subsequent use for psychological manipulation.

The term “predictive programming”, using the psychological principle of desensitization, is used to refer to the conditioning of the masses to accept a bleak future planned by the globalists. We know from former CNN reporters, like Amber Lyon, that the CIA pays CNN to run certain stories while burying others in an attempt to create an artificial reality. American television is dominated with globalist themes designed to desensitize America to a new and emerging reality. This practice of theme-based propaganda permeates  Communist Chinese controlled Hollywood.

Predictive programming, was originally a Nazi-based propaganda technique in which the Germans were conditioning an unsuspecting public, at their movie houses, in their movie themes and newsreels, to “hate the Jews” and to accept the inevitable World War II that Hitler would start. Today this method of mass mind control, proposes that people are conditioned, through works of fiction, to accept planned future scenarios which have dramatic social, political and economic implications. There is usually a desensitization strategy based on the notion that the more on sees the theme, in entertainment, the more likely people will accept this new reality in real life. This is classic BF Skinner operant conditioning.  Alan Watt defines this practice as “the power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome”. In the following paragraphs, I have taken this theme and applied it to the three popular shows on television using the strategy of predictive programming.

The Last Ship, a TNT original series, was one of the best exaples of predictive programming. As current events continue to develop, I am shocked that the show, which debuted almost 6 years ago, was so very accurate in predicting what was coming. The show has been filled with tales of mass genocide involving pandemics, mass vaccinations, and civil war. The threat to humanity was divided into two major subject areas:

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