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The technocracy does not want anybody to share this link

Kelen McBreen

JUNE 3, 2019

A Bloomberg opinion piece, of all sources, threatened the tech industry by titling the article “Google should be afraid. Very afraid”.

But has the Tech Industry gotten the message? Replete with all of its hubris and billions flowing in from the Saudis and the Chinese. If Silicon Valley were a Country, it would be one of the richest on Earth. And it might as well be another Country, it certainly holds the rights of its host Country in utter contempt. Which is why the Justice Department is finally doing something about it.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, “The Justice Department is gearing up for an antitrust investigation of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, a move that could present a major new layer of regulatory scrutiny for the search giant, according to people familiar with the matter.”

And REUTERS continued to analyze how the Tech Giants had rigged the game “One source said the potential investigation, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, focused on accusations that Google gave preference to its own businesses in searches.

A spokesman for the Justice Department said he could not confirm or deny that an investigation was being considered. Google declined comment.

Early in 2013, the FTC closed a long-running investigation of Google, giving it a slap on the wrist. Under FTC pressure, Google agreed to end the practice of “scraping” reviews and other data from rivals’ websites for its own products, and to let advertisers export data to independently assess campaigns.

Google’s search, YouTube, reviews, maps and other businesses, which are largely free to consumers but financed through advertising, have catapulted it from a start-up to one of the world’s richest companies in just two decades.”

And AMAZON with its single-handed decimation of retail outlets is preparing for the worst as SF GATE reports “Amazon could face heightened antitrust scrutiny under a new agreement between U.S. regulators that puts it under closer watch by the Federal Trade Commission, three people familiar with the matter said.

The move is the result of the FTC and the Department of Justice, the U.S. government’s leading antitrust enforcement agencies, quietly divvying up competition oversight of two of the country’s top tech companies, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the government’s work is confidential. The Justice Department is set to have more jurisdiction over Google, The Washington Post reported on Friday, paving the way for a potential investigation of the search-and-advertising giant.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Bezo’s Amazon, Youtube’s cannibalistic algorithm is the crazed musthing elephant in the room.

Zuckerberg’s lawyer recently argued that users have no expectation of privacy. Which completely contradicts Zuckerberg’s claim that he will be making Facebook more private in the near future. Meanwhile Facebook aids serial bank robbing kidnappers, the platform fueled a genocide in Myanmar and puts a black 34 year old day laborer in harms way. A concerned citizen who simply slowed down the speech of an already deteriorating speaker of the house, who is now somehow protected by the small Country known as Silicon Valley dominating the United States Bill Of Rights and its citizens.


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