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Living as a Fugitive in Europe

Living as a Fugitive in Europe

Michael Walsh – The Ethnic-European Oct 5, 2019

As I dress for work I figure out how best to tackle the day ahead. I remind myself that everything isn’t what it is supposed to be.  The Conservatives conserve nothing except the corporations and the Labour Party lawmakers have never done a day’s work in their lives. The Liberal Party’s illiberal manifesto is George Orwell’s novel, 1984.  These days, I have little choice but to pick my way carefully through a politically correct minefield.

‘Remember you used to start the day by reading the newspaper, dear,’ my wife smiles.

I remind her of the comment made to Western journalists by their Soviet counterparts: ‘It’s very simple. In the Soviet Union, we don’t believe our propaganda. In America, you actually believe yours.’

I loathe the journey to work. Using public transport, (I can’t afford a car), it is immediately brought home to me that I am a second-class citizen in my own country.

It is now a hate crime to say ‘it’s okay to be White’.  Yet, it isn’t a hate crime to insinuate or to say outright that all Whites are evil or racist.  In fact, it is fashionable to malign Whites.  Naturalised Europeans, especially men will never feel good about their ethnicity after watching alien-owned television or reading mainstream media. Yes, 90% of UK media is owned by foreign nationals, who do not pay any taxes in Britain but influence governments and we plebeians.

Using public transport, I cringe under race-mixing propaganda adverts that depict blondes with rapturous expressions being held in affectionate embraces by Africans or mixed-race Africans.  In fact, research shows that White women are the ethnic group that is most likely to reject advances by non-Whites. But, to say so is now treated as ‘hate speech’.

Public service propaganda on public transport, television and mainstream media promote race-mixing between Blacks and Whites. Chinese, Asians or Jews are never portrayed in relationships with Whites.  Why? Because these ethnics reject race-mixing. They are praised by self-hating Whites for expressing pride in their ethnic exclusivity.

I recall the self-righteous outbursts from political prostitutes, their cliques and their on-message media in Separate Racial Development South Africa Whites were given preference when seeking jobs. In fact, Blacks had everything the Whites had, it was just separate.

Where are these haters now it is Whites who suffer discrimination based on their skin colour?  In Western Europe, North America and Australia, public and corporate business services are legally accessible by job seekers and advertisers only on the basis of first proving one’s preference for non-Whites. This is known as reverse discrimination.

In truth, political cliques and their media cohorts were never pro-Black but are institutionally anti-White.  Programmed by ‘education’ and media to bear a self-hating chip on their effeminate-shaped shoulders, natural preference for one’s own kind pivoted to self-denigration.

As on all days, I must stay low profile, keep my eyes lowered and my thoughts to myself. It is best not to make eye contact with non-Whites. I am not being paranoiac. As I said goodbye to my wife, she asked what she should say if the Police turned up.

That meme you posted on Facebook, dear. In London, there are over 200 police informers, assisted by liberals, spying on and reporting politically incorrect social media posts.’

Sanity means I have to be a bit upbeat. I explain that there are far too many for them to cope with.  I tell her they just nail a few critics. They then give the details to the obliging media to publicise ‘their catch’ and for the courts to deal with. Their hope is that the easily cowed will be afraid to express themselves candidly.

As an author, I have my name on the covers of over 60 book titles.  But, like other revisionist historians, many of my books have been removed by online book retailers like Amazon and Lulu.

With the assistance of free-thinkers I then self-published. The card suppliers refused to provide me (and many others) with the means to take card payments. A visit to my bookstore is like shopping in a supermarket without cashiers or tills.  Sanctions are used to silence and impoverish dissidents.

Political Elite Live Here

I try to advertise my news platform and my books such as The All Lies Invasion, Witness to History Heroes Hang When Traitors Triumph and many others. Facebook denies the links.

My PayPal and YouTube videos are blocked. Amazon blocked my books such as Life in a Reich, The Programme of the NSDAP,  Twilight over England.  Along with thousands of dissidents, I am repeatedly blocked for posting perfectly reasonable memes which censors considered politically off-message

I have 35-years’ experience as a journalist and I have more tributes from past editors than do most writers.  Yet, media and conventional publishers shun me.  If they give me work the pressure will be applied. The aim is to silence anyone critical of the globalist agenda.

I consider myself fortunate. I am on a state pension, self-employed, I live humbly and I am self-sufficient.  I refuse to be a lab-rat in the globalist experiment with population displacement. In a limited sense I still have the luxury of being able to express myself.

Ours is a censorious Soviet-type world in which the most experienced are ostracised, fired, and publicly denigrated if they should even consider uttering the mildest criticism of the system.

Imagine the intellectual shackles borne on the shoulders of educators, journalists, palace historians; cops, Civil Servants, all those labouring in public service.  These curs are no freer than were the shackled African slaves who were led to the slave-owners before being transported to an alien hell.

Well paid these professions may be but I am by far the wealthier.  Should I feel sorry for them and their offspring? Their children too must bear the impoverishment and the stigma not only of their being White but the ignominy of their cowed parents being an essential component in the purge of Europe’s Whites. May God be kind and understanding to them? ~ Michael Walsh. NOTE: No copyright, Please share this story with as many others as you can.



Source: Living as a Fugitive in Europe

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