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Johnson Names Son After Doctors Who Saved His Life, Allegedly

Johnson Names Son After Doctors Who Saved His Life, Allegedly

Commentary – May 3, 2020

Only the most gullible will believe Boris Johnson’s claim that doctors contemplated announcing his death from coronavirus. He was probably no closer to dying than if he had been suffering from flu or a bad cold. The vast majority of those who actually die from coronavirus are aged 70 and older.

At the time of writing, Boris Johnson is 56 years old.

Apart from the old, the other group who are most at risk from coronavirus are those with underlying health problems.

Again, this does not apply to Boris Johnson so the claim that he was at death’s door is political opportunism of the most cynical kind. To name his son after the doctors who purportedly “saved his life” takes this to a whole new level of cynicism.

Claims that Johnson was close to death are obviously meant to reinforce the notion that we face an unprecedented health crisis. And while many dispute the scale of the pandemic the government and its “experts” seem intent on convincing us that we face a very real health threat.

Whether we do or not remains to be seen but the man who initially advised the UK government on coronavirus has been downscaling his estimate of its impact.

First Professor Neil Ferguson warned that 500,000 Britons could die in a Covid-19 pandemic. Then he adjusted that total down to “20,000 or fewer”. That’s a twenty five-fold reduction!!

Nonetheless, in the UK we are still living under the same draconian lockdown. So why was it maintained after Professor Ferguson had so dramatically revised his initial assessment of the pandemic’s impact?

We should also ask why governments around the world seem intent on convincing us we face a health crisis of such proportions, particularly when so many medical scientists have questioned this conclusion?

Is Covid-19 actually more of a psyop than a health crisis?

What is odd is the way almost every government has reacted to coronavirus. It wasn’t just that they almost all responded with disproportionately draconian measures but the way they responded almost as one.

From China to the U.S., from Europe and Russia to Africa and the Middle East, various governments have all reacted on cue. With a few minor variations in degree, the uniform response has been unprecedented. Almost as if they were following orders.

Indeed, I would suggest that they are. Someone or something is calling the shots and it’s not Bill Gates, who’s just a gofer. Admittedly Gates may be a very high-ranking gofer but he’s also being told what to do.

For it would seem as if someone behind the scenes is giving orders to world leaders who are, as one, obeying.

Sure, some are responding a little more promptly than others. For instance, the Scottish Parliament ordered a lockdown even before Westminster. Nonetheless, all the world’s leaders seem to be doing as they are told.

To be sure that may sound a little far-fetched but how else can we explain government decisions that seem to defy common sense? Why would governments shut down whole countries, ruin their industries and lay waste to the livelihoods of millions of their citizens? Would they really do all this because of a virus that’s little more deadly than the seasonal cold or common flu?

If nothing else it will lead to an economic Apocalypse, as markets crash and once thriving businesses fail. Setting the scene for the appearance of some sort of saviour to rescue us from our self-inflicted financial Armageddon.

Will this person be the same as whoever now seems to be instructing world leaders what to do?

The signs are there for all to see and I would suggest that we will see forty-two months of this. During which time we will see the introduction and proliferation of digital currency, the phasing out of cash and the advent of a digital ID system, that will possibly be linked to our bank accounts.

As in that “none may buy or sell unless they bear the Mark of the Beast”.

Source: Johnson Names Son After Doctors Who Saved His Life, Allegedly

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