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Haiti: Police and protesters clash as anti-government protests enter sixth day

Thousands of Haitians took to the streets of Port-au-Prince on Friday in the latest display of public fury at the government and official corruption. The protesters were stopped by riot police whose armoured vehicles blocked the road.

Some demonstrators set fire to tires before police fired tear gas in an effort to control the protest. Around 20 people died during six days of protest against the government of Jovenel Moise. The general strike has paralysed the country forcing schools, businesses and government building to remain closed.

Demonstrators are demanding that President Moise resign for not investigation allegations of corruption involving a previous government and a Venezuelan oil assistance programme. PetroCaribe – the brainchild of late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez – allowed participating countries to purchase cheap petroleum products with reduced interest rates. Haitian investigations into the alleged misuse of nearly $2 billion (%u20AC1.7 billion) pointed to several ministers in the current ruling party, but none have faced legal proceedings.