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George H.W. Bush: New World Order Crime Boss

George H.W. Bush: New World Order Crime Boss

*Why is America always allied with the worst abusers of human rights on the planet? We look the other way when the alliance benefits us, and when it no longer does, watch out. Remember, Osama bin Laden was known as Tim Ossman when he worked for the CIA, and Saddam Hussein was once a great friend and ally before that turned bad. The only weapons of mass destruction Saddam had were the ones the US Government shipped to him.  
CIA Asset Susan Lindauer said that she was briefed about 9/11 four months before the attack and was a liaison in negotiations with Saddam Hussein before the Iraq invasion. She said the Bush Administration knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and said Saddam offered to buy a million cars a year for 10 years if they would leave Iraq alone. What would that have done for a struggling auto industry?  
Anyone who still believes any of the reasons the Bush Administration gave for the urgency to invade Iraq should watch the interview with Lindauer posted in the sources below. Lindauer came forward as a whistleblower and soon after meeting with John “Traitor” McCain, she was SWAT Teamed, arrested under the Patriot Act and thrown into a military prison for nearly a year.

Source: George H.W. Bush: New World Order Crime Boss

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