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May 20, 2018    09:30:43 PM

Author Topic: Who is Peter Strzok?  (Read 11 times)

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Who is Peter Strzok?
« on: Dec 18, 2017    02:00:03 PM »
Who is Peter Strzok?

(Peter Lemiska) - By now, everyone knows the name. He's the senior FBI agent who played a pivotal role in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email scandal, and was later assigned to Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's alleged collusion with Russia. He's the one ultimately removed from that team because of his own email scandal...
Source: Who is Peter Strzok?


Biggest Ever Debt & Dollar Crisis Coming– Peter Schiff…” It’s just like the 2008 financial crisis, people didn’t understand what was coming. I did.”

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SHUT IT DOWN: Mueller op is hopelessly conflicted. President Trump is right. Mueller top deputy an anti-Trumper -- Judicial Watch has the proof. And Mueller (and DOJ) covered up the anti-Trump Strzok-Page duo for months.

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Gerald Celente: Bull market, correction or crash? Peter Schiff: Gold will break out as stocks break down. Richard Duncan: What happens when liquidity plunges?

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