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Anonymous Poster  Mar 13, 2017    06:50:15 AM

A naval officer tells us what he remembers, including seeing a huge opening in the ice in a no-fly area they were crossing with a medical emergency on board. Then he ferried a group of scientists who had disappeared for two weeks, and has specifically been warned not to refer again to this subject. As he put it, "they looked scared.

Antarctica has long been considered one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Therefore, it is not strange that numerous 'conspiracy theories, claims, and accounts' have been proposed throughout the years, trying to explain some of the many enigmatic occurrences on Earth' most isolated continent.

For years people have claimed that Antarctica is one of the most guarded places on Earth for a good reason.

Many authors have proposed that there are many interesting things hidden beneath Antarctica that are kept away from society.

Talk about ancient civilization inhabiting Antarctica has existed for decades. What if, in the distant past, when Earth -and Antarctica- was much different than today, an ancient civilization developed there, creating fascinating structures, monuments and temples?

Would we find evidence of their existence today? Many people claim that we already have.

But why has Antarctica become a 'center' for conspiracy theories?

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons is because it is so isolated and you can't just travel there as you wish. Furthermore, even though we know about Antarctica only for a little over 100 years, there are numerous ancient maps that depict parts of Antarctica free of ice.

One of the most controversial maps was without a doubt composed in 1513, by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis who drew a map that would create a global debate over 500 years after him. The map depicts Antarctica which was discovered between 1818-1820.



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