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Anonymous Poster  Nov 21, 2016    05:03:20 PM

i think it's down  :fist:

Anonymous Poster  Nov 21, 2016    05:05:02 PM

twitter is blocking @occasion2B and not sending the e-mail to te re-verify  :fist:

Anonymous Poster  Nov 21, 2016    05:27:35 PM

no need to panic. it's not those bad people from the other place.

it's invision 7 that is down.  :goinghome:

Anonymous Poster  Nov 21, 2016    07:53:59 PM

it's still down. i was able to let morgan know what was going on.

ShellBeach  Nov 21, 2016    10:19:07 PM

Copied from invisionfree

The hardware failure this morning corrupted the database on the server running communities on s4, s7, s11, and s15. At this point we have repaired the hardware and are working on restoring both the software and the database. Thanks to a variety of our backup protection measures we currently do not believe there will be data lost. However the process of rebuilding the server and database is unfortunately a slow one. It has forced us to keep communities offline while the work is being completed. We will continue to update you on the progress of this restoration, and again we thank you for your patience.

beast  Nov 21, 2016    11:12:37 PM

Thanks for the info ShellBeach. Maybe you can spread the word a little if they don't already know. I don't have many of the chat-brat e-mails . I'm so used to just going there if i want to write. :cow:

beast  Nov 22, 2016    05:24:00 PM

day 2 - still down. At least invision has been able to get as far as leaving a note on each sites page.

looks like they are having trouble getting the data bases back up.  :goinghome:

Rogueofthecelestialnight  Nov 23, 2016    08:42:56 PM

I registered, hope that's okay!  :conspiracy: :kissing:

beast  Nov 23, 2016    08:59:38 PM

Of course it is  :dance3:


Rogueofthecelestialnight  Nov 23, 2016    09:18:49 PM

Let's Party!  :creature: :cow2: :party1: :peng:

beast  Nov 23, 2016    10:52:22 PM

 :dance: :dance3: :robot5:


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