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Guest 12:45:18 PM Printing the topic "House Blast Woman Saved By Washing Machine".
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Guest 12:44:48 PM Viewing the topic NATO chief: Alliance won't defend Israel in war with Iran.
Guest 12:44:28 PM Viewing the topic Saudi-led Coalition Claims to Down 2 Houthi Drones.
Guest 12:44:09 PM Viewing the topic Muharram 2019: When is Ashura this year? Do you have to fast on Ashura?.
Guest 12:44:04 PM Viewing the topic Secret Dutch Mole Aided Stuxnet Virus Attack on Iranian Nuclear Program – Reports.
Guest 12:43:59 PM Viewing the topic Netanyahu's Likud Party Mulls Snap Leadership Vote to Replace Embattled PM - Report.
Guest 12:43:22 PM Viewing the topic Mark Levin to CPAC: We Need to Stand with Trump Because Democrats ‘Want to Take Him Out over Our Dead Bodies’.
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Guest 12:40:11 PM Viewing the topic Meteor fireball soars over Qujing in China's Yunnan province.
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Guest 12:39:37 PM Viewing the topic US put to shame as natl. security chief on terrorist cult’s payroll.
Guest 12:39:10 PM Viewing the topic Bernie Sanders: 'Not Appropriate' To Deport Illegal Aliens For Breaking US Law - The .
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Guest 12:37:59 PM Viewing the topic Ted Cruz Rips Justin Timberlake over Bail Out Money for ‘Antifa Terrorists Destroying Minority Communities’.
Guest 12:37:50 PM Viewing the topic WHO welcomes landmark UN declaration on universal health coverage.
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Guest 12:37:38 PM Viewing the topic Shallow M5.9 earthquake hits Japan, killing at least 3 and injuring more than 150.
Guest 12:37:31 PM Viewing the topic US Judge Rejects Roger Stone's Request for New Trial.
Guest 12:37:19 PM Viewing the topic Death toll rises to 18 in central Nigeria flood disaster - 41,000 displaced.
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Guest 12:36:11 PM Viewing the topic 9/11, Israel One, America Zero.
Guest 12:35:17 PM Viewing the topic Fox News: Epstein Prison Guards' Indictments 'Should End All The Conspiracy Theories,' Fmr NYC Police Commish Says.
Guest 12:35:12 PM Viewing the topic Eight children killed in attack at Chinese primary school.
Guest 12:34:50 PM Viewing the topic Trump Directed Cohen to Lie to Congress.
Guest 12:34:47 PM Viewing the topic note says back up around 4.
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Guest 12:33:29 PM Viewing the topic PREPARE ! PREPARE - OIL BALLS COMING DOWN.
Guest 12:33:23 PM Viewing the topic Schools and Day Camps.
Guest 12:33:19 PM Viewing the topic Texas bar bans customers who wear masks.
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Guest 12:33:12 PM Viewing the topic U.S. lawmakers demand accountability for killing of Saudi journalist.
Guest 12:33:07 PM Viewing the topic Democrats Throw Impeachment Party at Capitol Hill Bar After Last Hearing.
Guest 12:33:05 PM Viewing the topic Read the powerful letter Emerson College's first black president sent his school about the 'legalized lynching' of George Floyd: 'America is on fire'.
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Guest 12:32:31 PM Viewing the topic Bond and Stock Markets a Bomb Waiting to Go Off – Gregory Mannarino.
Guest 12:32:27 PM Viewing the topic Wisconsin Man Arrested In Disappearance of Wife.
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Guest 12:32:08 PM Viewing the topic Split From Paypal Will Enable eBay to Begin Accepting Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies.
Guest 12:31:50 PM Viewing the board Game Room.
Guest 12:31:45 PM Viewing the board Game Room.
Guest 12:31:40 PM Viewing the topic Soyuz MS-12 with 3 crew members on board docks with ISS.
Guest 12:31:37 PM Viewing the topic 'The goal was to destroy the human mind': Chris Hedges interviews author Stephen Kinzer on the CIA's search for mind control.
Guest 12:30:59 PM Viewing the topic Plogging Anyone? Cool Exercise Trend Benefits Both Humans and Environment.
Guest 12:30:57 PM Viewing the topic Death panels alive and well.
Guest 12:30:49 PM Viewing the topic China savaged for coronavirus cover-up - '95% of cases could have been wiped out!'.
Guest 12:30:00 PM Viewing the topic Mexican Cartels Battle For Control of Multibillion-Dollar Avocado Industry: ‘Green Gold’.
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Guest 12:29:42 PM Viewing the topic THE IMPORTANCE OF REST: One-third of U.S. kids too sleepy to succeed in school..
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Guest 12:29:37 PM Viewing the topic Facebook created a giant winter village in San Francisco with chainsaw ice-sculpting and frolicking elves for its 2-day holiday party (FB).
Guest 12:29:37 PM Viewing the topic David Beckham's lawyer fails to get speeding charge thrown out after ex-footballer posted 'angry' selfie .
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Guest 12:29:36 PM Viewing the topic Hillary Will Run In 2020 Because "She Feels She Was Put On Earth To Be President," Clinton.
Guest 12:29:29 PM Viewing the topic VA watchdog report finds veterans are owed refunds for incorrect fees.
Guest 12:29:27 PM Viewing the topic Son Of Marine Who Was Killed In Iraq Receives His Father’s Refurbished Ford Bronco For His Birthday.
Guest 12:29:13 PM Viewing the topic Critique of Proposed Regulations of Homeopathic Medicines and Alternative Proposals.
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Guest 12:29:03 PM Viewing the topic Washington policies ‘in gross violation’ of NPT: Iran tells UN.
Guest 12:28:57 PM Viewing the topic Disgraced Ex-FBI Director Andrew McCabe Hired By CNN.
Guest 12:28:52 PM Viewing the topic Billionaire Wexner attempts to save face: 'Epstein swiped millions from Wexner family fortune'.
Guest 12:28:37 PM Viewing the topic Russia blasts 'unacceptable' new US sanctions.
Guest 12:27:50 PM Viewing the topic Vietnam reports bird flu outbreaks in 11 localities - Xinhua :: English.news.cn.
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Guest 12:26:33 PM Viewing the topic US judge: 'Terrorist' watchlist violates constitutional rights.
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