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Title: New Zealand mosque shooting at Christchurch: Officials arrest 3; suspected shooter a white supremaci
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At least, 40 people were killed in two separate shooting incidents at two mosques in New Zealand, in what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern termed a 'terrorist attack'. Officials said that three people were in custody, and that a number of explosive devices were found attached to vehicles that they had stopped.

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Even though there is no official confirmation about the motives of the suspects in the New Zealand mosque shootings, preliminary media reports and one of the suspects' 'self-declaration' of sorts suggests Islamophobic and anti-immigrant undercurrents to the deadly attack.

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed 40 deaths so far in the twin shooting incidents at two mosques in the Christchurch city, and at least 20 are reported grievously injured. Ardern has confirmed three suspects have been held.

However, information about only one of the apprehended suspects have filtered through, who also reportedly live-streamed the dastardly attack and uploaded a 'manifesto' of sorts revealing details about himself.