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Posted by: beast
« on: Apr 13, 2017    06:34:03 PM »

It's the anniversary  
of the day government tried to snuff out a social movement by forcing it's leader to carry a large piece of wood through the streets  in a show of humiliation then later nailing him to the same piece of wood on a hill in failed attempt to instill fear in all his followers.

Turn the other cheek.

The next  revolution will come unannounced.



Yonews -  
The west was the Best
Posted by: Anonymous Poster
« on: Apr 10, 2017    04:21:13 PM »

Posted by: Anonymous Poster
« on: Mar 26, 2017    03:14:37 PM »

The Christian soldier is not a peace-nick. The Chrisitian soldier walks with out fear. The christian soldier turns the other cheek, not out of weakness but out of strength
. by turning the other cheek the christian is looking evili in the eyes and saying. You can not harm me. I do not fear you. go ahead persist in an act of evil one more time i dare you.  the full power of righteousness eradicates all evil.

There is a war coming - evil has taken hold much too deep in the world. The only way to get rid of it is to confront it. To allow it is to fall victim to it.

Posted by: Snow Deer
« on: Mar 26, 2017    02:41:07 PM »

this is why I was born....

get thy psychic shields on soldiers

war is coming