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  1. Nashville Bomber's Girlfriend Warned Police He Was Making Bomb Over a Year Ago, Reports Say
  2. Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake Hits Japan's Ibaraki Prefecture Near Tokyo, Meteorological Agency Says
  3. Brazilian Uniao Quimica Seeks to Hold Clinical Trials of Sputnik V, Authorities Say
  4. Trump struggling to overturn Wisconsin election result
  5. Headlines of Iran's Persian-language dailies on Dec. 30
  6. “Super COVID” Is Spreading In The United States – Should We Be Scared?
  7. US approves potential sale of 3,000 smart bombs to Riyadh
  8. Asia investors bet on 2021 rebound, sending shares to record high
  9. BREAKING: Nashville bomber’s girlfriend told police he was building bombs in his RV last year
  10. 1 killed, 3 soldiers injured in Zionist attack against Syria
  11. Covid: Sydney announces new restrictions ahead of New Year
  12. Tamir Rice killing: US closes investigation into 2014 shooting
  13. China Covid-19: Nearly 500,000 in Wuhan may have had virus, says study
  14. Why Have Murder Rates Absolutely Skyrocketed All Over America In 2020?
  15. Its good that a young cohort of investors are coming up interested in the market, but yea this is nutty
  16. China jails 10 Hong Kong activists, but two under-18s repatriated
  17. Asian Markets Mostly Higher
  18. Video: St. Louis Woman Accused of Assaulting Sheriff's Deputy After Being Told to Wear Mask
  19. Louisiana Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow, 41, Dies With Coronavirus
  20. Authorities Name 11-Year-Old As Suspect In Murder of Colorado Woman
  21. Cancel Culture: Boston Emancipation Memorial of Abraham Lincoln and Freed Slave Taken Down
  22. Christmas Eve Burglary Suspect Arrested After Opening Door When Deputy Knocked
  23. Today’s Negative Rates Are the Path to Poverty
  24. You believe that Wuhan virus pandemic ends with a vaccine? Think again…
  25. Deep In The Heart of … COVID! Case-Shiller Home Price Index Rises 8.41% YoY In October (Phoenix AZ Fastest Growing, NYC Slowest Growing)
  26. The Economic Impact of COVID-19, According to Business Leaders
  27. Former Trump Special Adviser Says U.S. May Not Survive The Corruption, Incompetence & Fraud Unleashed By The Covid-19 Pandemic
  28. Americans to Begin Receiving Payments From Most Recent COVID-19 Relief Package by Tuesday Night
  29. US Justice Department Declines to Charge Officers Implicated in 2014 Killing of Tamir Rice
  30. Trump’s higher relief cheques stall in Senate as Republicans block vote
  31. Iraqi interpreters 'stalked by death squads' for helping the British
  32. Manhattan Appeals Court Blocks Cuomo’s Religious Gathering Limits…
  33. 600 dollar stimulus payments start to go out tomorrow
  34. Justice Department Declines To Prosecute Cleveland Officers Who Killed 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice
  35. WATCH: Homeless Woman Gives Full Tour Of Her Tent On Skid Row
  36. DNA Links Man To Arizona Kidnappings, Murder; More Victims Possible
  37. McConnell Presents Bill for $2,000 Stimulus Checks Tied to Section 230 Repeal, Election Fraud Study
  38. Impressionist Rory Bremner 'saved Sir John Major's bacon' amid MPs revolt
  39. UK's 1960s French 'Soviet spy' plot with Sunday Times revealed in memos
  40. US Agency Approves $4Bln Sale of 8 Apache Helicopters to Kuwait
  41. Japan to Develop World's First Wooden Satellites by 2023 to Reduce ‘Space Junk’
  42. US Justice Dep’t declines to charge officers in Tamir Rice case
  43. After Australia’s fires: A devastated community rebuilds together
  44. The Papers: 'New tiers eve' and PM's Brexit 'triumph'
  45. Man Utd 1-0 Wolves: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer delighted with 'fluky' Man Utd winner
  46. Allardyce wants Premier League 'circuit break' as Covid cases rise
  47. Major leak exposes CCP members secretly embedded all over the world
  48. Show this animation to anyone who still trusts the media
  49. Verizon is telling Fios TV customers that nine local Hearst stations may go dark on Fios on Jan. 1, saying Hearst is demanding carriage fee hikes of 45%+ (Todd Spangler/Variety)
  50. Biden criticises pace of vaccine rollout and vows acceleration