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  1. Longest-Surviving Veteran of Pearl Harbor Gets Post Office Named After Him
  2. Iran exports $1.2bn products to Afghanistan in 8 months
  3. NFL Ratings Continue Getting Killed
  4. President Trump Reiterates Calls to End Section 230
  5. Episode #355 – ‘New Year Harbingers’ with host Patrick Henningsen
  6. Debra J. Saunders: Regulations Take California Policies Nationwide
  7. A growing number of countries find cases of UK virus variant
  8. Iranian "Nargese Mast" wins 2 awards at Lift India Film Fest
  9. UN Criticizes Trump Over Blackwater Pardons
  10. President Trump Refuses to Sign Deeply Flawed Relief Bill
  11. Saudis using Bahrain as conduit for business with Israel
  12. WaPo Warns That Joe Biden’s Policies Will Cause Pandemonium at the Mexico Border
  13. Russia’s SU-57 Stealth Fighter to Pose a Threat by 2028
  14. State Department Spends $200k to Promote Gender Equity Among Costa Rican Police
  15. Window of Hope in Europe as Launch of Coronavirus Vaccinations Begins
  16. Japan Bans Entry of Foreigners as New Variant of Coronavirus Arrives
  17. Britain’s Coronavirus Cops: This is What a Police State Looks Like
  18. Russian Court Bans Four AP Videos From Chechen Conflicts
  19. Russia warns of pulling out of Open Skies Treaty
  20. Soleimani destroyed 'hollow' hegemony of US, Israeli regimes
  21. 'War Minus The Shooting': When Soviet Soccer Took On the Brits After World War II
  22. Dog invades football pitch in Bolivia
  23. ‘Message of hope’: Europe launches COVID vaccination campaign
  24. Ankara Says Any Attack on Turkish Troops to Make Haftar Forces 'Legitimate Targets'
  25. Iran Deploys Short-Range Missiles in Iraq After Attack on Green Zone Hosting US Embassy, Reports Say
  26. Ex-Iraqi Prime Minister: Soleimani Was Killed After He Thwarted US Plans to Change Region's Identity
  27. 7 killed, 7 injured in knife attack in northeastern China
  28. Woman killed, 2 injured in overnight shooting in Modesto
  29. Kremlin Cancels Putin's Traditional Meeting With Business Leaders
  30. Trump Roasts 'Fake News' Media for Keeping First Lady Melania From Spotlight on Magazine Covers
  31. Brexit Trade Deal Frustrates UK Fisheries Leaders, Labour Politicians, Reports Say
  32. Threat to Israel? As Ultra-Orthodox Community Increases, Secular Population Fears Country's Collapse
  33. Syrian refugee camp set on fire in northern Lebanon - report
  34. Gulf Arab ministers to discuss steps to resolve diplomatic dispute
  35. Tel Aviv is responsible for outcome of recent attack on Gaza
  36. A Tale of Two Trials
  37. The Verdict of History and Benjamin Netanyahu
  38. Bangladesh ‘set to move’ new group of Rohingya to remote island
  39. Niger heads to polls in search of first democratic transition
  40. 'Embarrassed' Sheffield United set unwanted records
  41. Bitcoin hits $27,000 setting yet another all-time record high
  42. Snowstorms In Iran Leave 10 Climbers Dead
  43. EU kicks off mass COVID vaccination campaign: Live news
  44. Coronavirus travel ban: Japan sharply tightens ban on foreign visitors over new variant
  45. Irish state papers: IRA 'wanted to exclude Sinn Féin from talks'
  46. Powerful 6.4-Magnitude Quake Hits Eastern Turkey
  47. B-Town's Salman Khan Turns 55: Fans Flood Twitter as They Recall His Swag Dancing, Drama, Action
  48. Changing fortunes? Arteta's 'special day' leaves Lampard 'angry'
  49. Bitcoin Hits $27,000 Setting Yet Another All-Time Record
  50. Tehran avalanche death toll reaches 10