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  1. Palestine Resistance groups hold 1st joint military exercise
  2. Tehran has not made Iraq a ground for settling with US: envoy
  3. Keyon Harrold: Jazz trumpeter says son assaulted after false theft accusation
  4. Surviving in the ruins of Moria
  5. Pakistani players’ omission from top cricket awards baffles fans
  6. Dubai aims to inoculate 70% of population with Pfizer vaccine in 2021
  7. Labour Leader Starmer Faces Rebellion From Party Members Before Voting For 'Rotten' Brexit Deal
  8. Farmer Protests: 83-Year-Old Indian Social Activist Threatens 'Last' Hunger Strike
  9. South Africa tightens restrictions amid surge in COVID cases
  10. Russia's FSB, US Justice Dept. Conduct Joint Operation to Prevent Cocaine Smuggling
  11. 5.7-Magnitude Earthquake Reported Off Oregon Coast
  12. Florist Beaten to Death in Busy Street in India - Graphic Video
  13. Israeli Pollster Explains Why Surveys Can't be Trusted as Another Poll Predicts Defeat for Netanyahu
  14. Pfizer Warns About Delays in Vaccine Deliveries to Eight Countries Due to Temperature Control Issues
  15. Trump bolsters order barring US investment in some Chinese firms
  16. US House overwhelmingly vote to override Donald Trump's defence bill veto - Senate now to vote
  17. Front pages of Iran's English-language dailies on Dec. 29
  18. Headlines of Iran's Persian-language dailies on Dec. 29
  19. Iran Slams Spike in US Military Activity in Persian Gulf as 'Show of Defiance & Fear'
  20. Nearly 300 Square Miles Examined in Barents Sea in Search for Russia’s Onega Ship
  21. Cricket: India beats Australia by eight wickets, wins second Test
  22. MSNBC Host Instructs Viewers How to Run their Lives during the Holidays
  23. This Shameful FOX News Poll says EVERYTHING You Need to Know about the Network
  24. $600 Stimulus Checks Won’t Pull America Out Of This Mess…
  25. Russia opposed to adding new items to Iran Nuclear Deal
  26. 7-year-old girl dies at US shooting
  27. Computer Repairman at Heart of Hunter Biden Scandal Sues Twitter for Being Branded a 'Hacker'
  28. The Real Scandal Of The Spending Bill
  29. Ghislaine Maxwell Bail DENIED: Judge rejects $28.5mil proposal and Maxwell will stay in prison until further notice
  30. Watch Out for the Shoeshine Boys
  31. RASMUSSEN — Americans Aren’t Voting Republican, They’re Voting TRUMP
  32. Trump kills crypto on his way out! You have been WARNED!
  33. 5D CHESS — What Most Of You Don’t Seem To Understand About ICA 1974
  34. Covid: US House votes to boost stimulus package payments
  35. PAKISTAN — Because Evidently Every Third World Shit Hole Has To Count American Votes
  36. Coronavirus: Spain to keep registry of those who refuse Covid vaccine
  37. 1,000,000 covid-19 infections in 6 weeks: California
  38. BOOM — Billionaire Offers $1 Million Bounty for Dominion’s Eric Coomer Fraud Intel
  39. New York Lawmakers Decide No One Can Be Evicted During COVID, Landlords Will Just Pay Their Bills Somehow I Guess?
  40. Saudi court jails women's rights activist, posing challenge for Biden
  41. US Health Officials Discard 50 Vials of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Over 'Human Error'
  42. US Defense Chief Says Pentagon Fully Cooperative With Biden Transition Team
  43. Mysterious Disappearance of Flu in San Diego Prompted Call for Audit of COVID Records
  44. Russia admits COVID death toll third-worst in the world
  45. Nashville Bomber’s Neighbor Claims Warner Said World 'Never Going to Forget' Him
  46. Citizen Blocks Los Angeles Health Inspector From Going To Work Over COVID Lockdown…
  47. Hundreds of thousands of redundancies in crippling year for staff
  48. The $2,000 COVID bill has passed. The House now voting on whether to veto Trump on the defense bill (NDAA)
  49. Roger Stone Thanks Trump For Pardoning Him During Dinner at POTUS Gulf Club
  50. Ohio policeman in US fired over fatal shooting of Andre Hill