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  1. We lost another free speech website: Voat
  2. Thursday funny: What is your royal name?
  3. President Trump to Declassify Intel Showing China Offered Bounties to Attack U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
  4. Covid-19: UK reports a record 55,892 daily cases
  5. Sudan regains full control of border with Ethiopia: Ministry
  6. Wannabe Jeopardy Host Ken Jennings Is A Kavanaugh Rape Truther Who Hates Republicans…
  7. Manchester United’s Cavani banned for three games for racial post
  8. What happened to football in 2020 – and what is next?
  9. Zarif Says U.S. Is Aiming To 'Fabricate Pretext For War'
  10. Aid arrives for Croatians left homeless after earthquake
  11. Ben Affleck And His Dunkin’ Donuts Sum Up Everything That Is Wrong With 2020…
  12. Cute Alpaca Showering Love on New One, Netizens Adore the Sweet Gesture
  13. Russia's RDIF Continues to Work With Hungary on Approval of Coronavirus Vaccine Sputnik V
  14. Year's balance: Ukraine's economy weathers a corona blow, looking to the future with hope
  15. Dancing Nurse Comes Down With COVID-19…
  16. Stock Alert: Romeo Power Tumbles After Merger
  17. Assassination of Gen. Soleimani cannot be ignored: Rezaei
  18. Stock Alert: Ebang Int'l Jumps 30% On News Of Cryptocurrency Exchange
  19. Stock Alert: FG Financial Jumps To New 52-week High
  20. Putin Says Goodbye To 2020, Which 'Carried The Burden Of Several Years'
  21. Zelensky elaborates on advantages of state suppliers of natural gas for households
  22. Fatah to celebrate first attempted terrorist attack in Israel
  23. Doctor’s Note: What we know about the new strain of COVID-19
  24. Broadcaster: Boris Johnson’s father seeks French citizenship
  25. Covid-19: Doctors call for rapid rollout of vaccines
  26. Spent less, saved more: How we used our money this year
  27. Rep. Cawthorn Says He Wants to Create a “New Republican Party”
  28. Bomb-sniffing dogs? Check. Times Square crowd? Not this year
  29. Morrisons set to unveil bumper Christmas as restrictions buoy grocery sales
  30. Reuters cameraman Kumerra Gemechu has been detained in Ethiopia without charge; police say they are investigating allegations of spreading false information (Reuters)
  31. Biden Plans To Decriminalize HIV Exposure and Transmission Laws
  32. Customs and Border Protection Officers Discover 129 Pounds of Meth in Car Coming From Mexico
  33. 'Plots underway to fabricate pretext for war'
  34. U.N. Says Trump’s Pardon of Blackwater Contractors Is Illegal
  35. Twenty-Two Killed in Attack on Yemen Airport Moments After New Cabinet Lands
  36. Sources: Alden Global is seeking to buy Tribune Publishing, in which it already owns a 32% stake (Wall Street Journal)
  37. Chiefs, Packers Lead NFL Power Rankings
  38. Struggling Restaurants Look To Congress for Help
  39. COVID-19 vaccines bought by government will be free for all Ukrainians
  40. Health ministry to sign new contracts for supply of COVID-19 vaccine
  41. Norway: 10 missing, including children, after landslide disaster
  42. Once Again, Political Battles Prove Too Tough for Israeli Generals
  43. Can Israel-Palestinian Negotiations Begin When Biden Takes Office?
  44. It’s Time to Acknowledge Reality: The Middle East Is Changing
  45. Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai’s bail revoked
  46. New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world muted by coronavirus
  47. Militias settling scores through Aden airport attack
  48. Rouhani calls assassination of Soleimani 'unforgivable crime'
  49. Saudi Arabia launches air raids in Sanaa after deadly Aden blasts
  50. Hryvnia slightly weakens to U.S. dollar on Dec 31