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  1. Activists cheer as 'sexist' tampon tax is scrapped
  2. UK Will Remain EU’s Friend, Ally After Brexit – Macron
  3. Office of Management and Budget Rejects Biden’s Claims of Obstructing Transition
  4. Fans Take to Twitter to Mourn Death of Rapper MF DOOM
  5. Minneapolis Cops Release Body Camera Footage Of Fatal Shooting
  6. The Papers: New Year hope and campaign to recruit 'jabs army'
  7. Brexit: New Irish Sea trade border begins operating
  8. US pharmacist arrested for ruining doses of coronavirus vaccine
  9. Transition Period in EU-UK Relations Ends, Post-Brexit Ties Deal Enters Into Force
  10. Lin Wood Urges Pence to Look Into 'Hunter Biden Laptop' Before Certifying Election Results
  11. Brexit: New era for UK as it completes separation from European Union
  12. WHO lists Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine for emergency use
  13. The Argentine women who fought for legal abortion – and won
  14. London View on Final Night of Brexit Transition Period
  15. US Begins Vaccinating Workers for COVID-19 at Military Hospital in Germany – Pentagon
  16. NYC Mayoral Hopeful Yang Addresses Concerns Over Circumcision Stance: ‘I’ve Attended Multiple Friends’ Brises’
  17. On New Year's Eve, one ceasefire violation recorded in Donbas
  18. Ontario minister resigns after going on Caribbean holiday during pandemic
  19. NYC Mayor Declares March 14 To Be COVID Remembrance Day…
  20. Online drone display lights up skies for Hogmanay
  21. Guarded optimism for business in the Middle East in 2021
  22. President Trump Addresses Fight Against Coronavirus in New Year’s Eve Address
  23. In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement shook the world
  24. Jake Tapper In October “Vaccine Not Weeks Away President A Liar”
  25. Ontario finance minister Rod Phillips resigns over Caribbean vacation
  26. The Abraham Accords domino effect will lead to more peace deals
  27. Covid: 12-week vaccine gap defended by UK medical chiefs
  28. Hungary not to massively purchase Russian vaccine against COVID-19
  29. Box office bomb: 2020 was ‘year like no other’ for film industry
  30. President Trump Returns to D.C. Early to Contest Election Certification
  31. Apple Bans Nearly 40k Apps After Demands From CCP
  32. Some Will See $300 Weekly Unemployment Boost Start Next Week
  33. Jewish Groups Applaud Elevation of State Department Antisemitism Envoy to Ambassador Level
  34. Gov’t To Aggressively Attack Small Business in 2021
  35. BOSTON DYNAMICS’s robots DANCING like in a MTV music video is amazing.
  36. John Cornyn spent hours yesterday blocking the $2000 relief check bill from being voted on, then proceeds to post a picture of a steak he ate for dinner on Twitter.
  37. Raffensperger Gets CAUGHT: Georgia Ballots Were Printed *Differently* for GOP Areas vs. Dem Areas
  38. Biden Plans to Purge Secret Service Amid Concerns of Agents Being Too Loyal to Trump, Report Says
  39. Uncomfortable: US consumer comfort index tumbles amid COVID surge
  40. Will English remain an official EU language after Brexit?
  41. Seattle repeat offender released with no charges; hours later nearly kills a man
  42. We lost another free speech website: Voat
  43. Thursday funny: What is your royal name?
  44. President Trump to Declassify Intel Showing China Offered Bounties to Attack U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
  45. Covid-19: UK reports a record 55,892 daily cases
  46. Sudan regains full control of border with Ethiopia: Ministry
  47. Wannabe Jeopardy Host Ken Jennings Is A Kavanaugh Rape Truther Who Hates Republicans…
  48. Manchester United’s Cavani banned for three games for racial post
  49. What happened to football in 2020 – and what is next?
  50. Zarif Says U.S. Is Aiming To 'Fabricate Pretext For War'