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  1. The Yield Curve Suggests a Recession is Imminent
  2. GS: single stock options volumes reached an all-time high of $642bn notional traded on 8-Jan, 153% of shares volume that day.
  3. World Health Organization: The second year of the #COVID19 pandemic ‘could even be tougher’
  4. I would say this is fairly stretched – Powell needs YCC asap or ponzi party falls apart; can’t have 10y >1%
  5. Marine Corps. Rebukes Pelosi: “WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU!”
  6. Italian Government on Brink of Collapse After Ministers Quit
  7. Coronavirus: Government's rough sleeping strategy 'out of step'
  8. Names of Republican House members voted for impeachment today
  10. Uganda elections 2021: Yoweri Museveni faces Bobi Wine in presidential contest
  11. FITTON: BIG TECH Censors and Purges Conservative Americans
  13. Bosses failing to support domestic abuse victims, says government
  14. Covid-19: Passengers told to check train times as routes cut
  15. Jake Tapper Questions Patriotism Of A Veteran Who Had Both His Legs Blown Off In War…
  16. Covid-19: New test rule for UK arrivals pushed back to Monday
  17. These Are All The Road Closures Around Washington D.C. Tonight…
  18. ‘We Will Surround The Motherf***ing White House’: Man Allegedly Threatened To ‘Kill Democrats’ At Biden Inauguration
  19. Ghalibaf condoles with Indonesian counterpart on plane crash
  20. BREAKING: President Trump Says He Has Directed Federal Agencies & The Military To Keep Order In D.C…
  21. The U.S. Capitol Is Now A Dystopian Lockdown Reminiscent Of Half-Life 2 Or Virtually Any Post-Apocalyptic Video Game Or Movie…
  22. Pediatrician, Father of 2, Told To Stay Away From Kids After Child Porn Arrest
  23. BREAKING: U.S. House has impeached President Trump
  24. Martin Armstrong: Will Biden Lockdown the Country in February?
  25. Citing ‘Beauty and Innocence,’ New York Times Puts Iran on ’52 Places to Love in 2021′ List
  26. Twitter Account Linked to Iran-Backed Terrorist Militia Removed After Recruiting US Members
  27. House impeaches Trump for "incitement of insurrection"
  28. Trump has been impeached. What happens now?
  29. Triple gold for France on final day of Doha Masters
  30. Congressional Leftists Reject Unity, LOL!
  31. Trump impeached for 'inciting' US Capitol riot
  32. US Army Chiefs Poised to Dismiss 2nd Lieutenant Whose Holocaust Joke Went Viral
  33. Iran Works on Uranium Metal for Reactor Fuel in New Breach of Nuclear Deal
  34. Ukraine's banking system survives coronacrisis, taking course for online services
  35. Covid-19: BBC's Fergal Keane revisits St Mary’s and Charing Cross Hospital 10 months on
  36. CBP Cincinnati Seizes Over 33 Pounds of Fake Viagra Pills
  37. CBP Cincinnati Seizes Over 33 Pounds of Fake Viagra Pills
  38. U.S. sanction threats force Danish firm out of Nord Stream 2 – media
  39. Trump on verge of second impeachment after Capitol siege
  40. UNSC must combat state sponsored Iranian terror, Erdan says
  41. BREAKING: Google To Indefinitely Ban Comments On Videos President Trump Uploads To YouTube…
  42. Poor Listening Skills Leads to Journalists Attributing Crazy Pelosi Quote to Louie Gohmert
  43. US military convoy arrives in Syria from Iraq
  44. Sources: NY Post editors tell staff not to use reporting from CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and WaPo as the sole basis for any Post article without independent confirmation (Katie Robertson/New York Times)
  45. McConnell Will NOT Reconvene Senate for Emergency Impeachment Vote
  46. 7 Mores Arrested In Siege on U.S. Capitol
  47. Second Suspect Arrested In Case of Nashville Nurse Shot Dead as She Drove To Work
  48. Texas Election Official Arrested For Widespread Vote Harvesting And Fraud
  49. LIVE: House Members In HEATED Debate on Trump Impeachment
  50. In pictures: Troops guard US Capitol, one week after riots