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  1. 71 Arrested In Tampa Human Trafficking Operation Ahead of Super Bowl
  2. South Africa willing to advise US on peaceful transition
  3. Swedish Court Hands Lengthy Prison Terms To Attackers Of Chechen Blogger
  4. Establishment Leftwing Journalists Colluded with Big Tech to Attack Independent Journalists
  5. Parler sues Amazon for yanking account following US Capitol siege
  6. New York State Bar Association Moves To Disbar Rudy Giuliani
  7. OpenAP, the TV network ad group, launches a supply-side platform that lets advertisers see the commercial slots available from its members, including NBCU, Fox (Alexandra Bruell/Wall Street Journal)
  8. US House Rules Committee Chairman McGovern Expects Impeachment Article to Be Invoked on Wednesday
  9. French School Shut After Emailed Threats of Rape, Report Says
  10. Senior House Republican Says Parler Shutdown by Rivals Breaks Monopoly Laws
  11. Global health insurance card to replace EHIC under new rules
  12. Moscow's Stalin-Themed Kebab Shop Purged Within 24 Hours Of Launch
  13. A ‘bad sign’: World leaders and officials blast Twitter Trump ban
  14. Republicans block House call for Mike Pence to oust Donald Trump
  15. NY State Bar Association Opens Inquiry Into Stripping Rudy Giuliani of his Membership
  16. What Was Stonehenge Built For?
  17. Snow in Spain: Clear up begins after blizzards but ice now posing a major hazard
  18. Twitter’s Stock Drops 10% In After-Hours Trading Following Trump’s Banning…
  19. 'The End Result of Lockdown Will Be Far Worse Than Anything Gained From It', Politician Says
  20. IRGC in ‘Full Control’ of Gulf, Navy Commander Says as Iran-US Tensions on Rise
  21. House GOP Blocks Dems’ Quick 25th Amendment Push
  22. Democrats Are Harassing Josh Hawley’s High School Demanding They Condemn Him…
  23. Coronavirus: Morrisons to ban shoppers who refuse to wear face masks
  24. Belarus leader ridicules US over Capitol protests
  25. Oman to get its first crown prince in constitutional overhaul
  26. Seven COVID-19 vaccination centres open their doors in England
  27. Iran victim of chemical weapons
  28. Exciting Tehran Derby ends with 2-2 draw
  29. Palestinians Approve Russian COVID-19 Vaccine for Use, Russian Wealth Fund Says
  30. Bahrain Says It Will Open Airspace to Qatar From Monday
  31. US Plans to Designate Yemen’s Houthi Movement as Foreign Terrorist Group
  32. Several Dozens of Dead Fish Found in a Russian River
  33. Iran Tells South Korea Not to Politicize Seized Vessel, Demands Release of Funds
  34. Despite Predictions, Israel Sees Three Percent Fewer Divorces in Pandemic Year
  35. UN Nuclear Chief Calls for Swift Revival of Iran Deal
  36. SpaceX Cargo Dragon Spaceship Departs From ISS
  37. Biden Chooses Former U.S. Ambassador To Russia William Burns As CIA Director
  38. Nord Stream 2: Joe Biden's Election Victory May Lead to Gas War in Europe, Swedish Media Says
  39. Trump is 'Domestic Terrorist', Ex-Deputy Secretary of State Armitage Claims
  40. Emmanuel Macron Under Fire for Spending Over $700,000 for Flowers at Elysee Palace
  41. US must lift sanctions prior to returning to JCPOA
  42. Trial Verdict Of Moscow Mathematician Miftakhov Postponed
  43. Prominent Composer Dies Of COVID In 'Coronavirus-Free' Turkmenistan
  44. Gil Gutknecht: Understanding the Rage
  45. Michael Barone: Democrats Blowing House Control Right off the Bat With Trump Vendetta
  46. Jeff Davidson: You Can Change Your Point of View
  47. Coinbase Will Be First Cryptocurrency Exchange to Go Public
  48. President Trump to Visit U.S.-Mexico Border Tuesday
  49. People Dig in Search of Mughal-Era Gold Coins in Indian State of Madhya Pradesh
  50. Merkel Finds Twitter's Suspension of Trump Account 'Problematic'