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  1. UK's first Asian female officer remembered by Met Police
  2. Myanmar Crisis Explained...
  3. S.F. High School Students Get Lesson In How Bernie Sanders Is Dripping With White Supremacy & Privilege…
  4. Markets boosted by miners enjoying Redditors piling into silver
  5. Iran launches rocket capable of putting satellites in space
  6. Italy slowly emerges from lockdown imposed before Christmas
  7. Democratic Party Of Florida Wants To Make It Harder For Third Party Candidates…
  8. Covid-19: UK 'must come down hard' on South Africa variant, and summer optimism
  9. Myanmar military coup: 'Our world turned upside down overnight'
  10. Rangers' Morelos gets three-match ban over stamping incident
  11. Chicago Mayor Orders Teachers To Return To Work Despite Them Saying They Won’t Even If They All Get Vaccinated…
  12. The Trump Comeback Begins: The Plan To Make Trump And America Great Again
  13. BLM & Antifa Invade And Occupy A Hotel…
  14. Over conflict of interest, groundless charges, Court of Appeal orders to take Pysaruk-Bakhmatiuk case from NABU
  15. 2nd blast in Kabul killed, wounded three people
  16. MANIPULATION: The corporate global elite have manipulated activists into taking to the streets to rage for the machine.
  17. The best description of our current corrupt wallstreet system and how Reddit is attacking it… By Max Keiser.
  18. Trust in the media sinks to a new low after the fake news industry spent years falsely accusing Trump and lying about his accomplishments
  19. Mapped: Healthcare Costs in All 50 States
  20. Kamala Tells Unemployed Coal Miners to Find Work “Dealing with Reclaiming Abandoned Land Mines”
  21. Rochester Police Officers Handcuffed And Pepper-Sprayed A 9 Year-Old Girl…
  22. Ariel University Awards First Honorary Doctorate to Former US Ambassador
  23. Assailant Killed During Attempted Terror Attack at Gush Etzion Junction
  24. Iran Hosts Afghan Taliban Leader as Peace Talks Stalled
  25. APMEX Statement On Current Market Conditions
  26. Dems Float Packing Lower Courts
  27. Elon Musk grills Robinhood boss over GameStop row on Clubhouse
  28. Reduced tariffs for gas, its distribution in effect from Feb 1
  29. Zelensky wants to involve Biden in Normandy format or create alternative
  30. BLM Activist Arrested at Capitol Riot Accused of Violating Terms of Release
  31. Co-founder of slow news publication Tortoise says paid subscriptions grew ~50% in 2020, reaching nearly 50,000; one-third of its 80,000 members are under 30 (Charlotte Tobitt/Press Gazette)
  32. Silver Prices Surge to Five-Month High Following Efforts to Replicate GameStop Frenzy
  33. Israelis arrest a host of Palestinians in West Bank
  34. Iraq: IDPs say they are being threatened to leave camp
  35. Covid: Boris Johnson 'optimistic' about summer holiday prospects
  36. It's A Sin: HIV diagnosis at 16 was like 'a wake-up call'
  37. Thousands Protest in Vienna Against Coronavirus Restrictions
  38. Australian Lawmakers to Big Tech: We Will Not Be Intimidated by You
  39. NY Young Republicans Plan “Re-Occupy Wall Street”
  40. Air Defense inaugurates SOC in NW Iran
  41. Alleged Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Blames Russia for Reddit Revolt Against Wall Street
  42. Steve Bannon Speaks on the Future of Populism
  43. 10,000 people rally against Austrian police in anti-lockdown protest in Vienna
  44. 'It's not right what's going on': Anti-lockdown protests continue in Belgium, Austria and Slovenia
  45. A year after the pandemic struck, Italians reflect on their grief
  46. Covid-19: UK orders extra 40m doses of Valneva vaccine
  47. England squad leaves quarantine in India after returning negative Covid test results
  48. Brazil’s COVID-19 catastrophe: nothing less than criminal
  49. Israel begins transferring coronavirus vaccines to Palestinian Authority
  50. Netanyahu to meet with Crown Prince in UAE next week