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  1. Editors Guild of India condemns police for charging journalists and editors for covering protest violence; police also booked journalists under sedition laws (
  2. Man Claiming to Be Robinhood Employee Says White House Pressured Halt of GameStop Trading
  3. De Blasio Promises State of the City Speech – Then Doesn’t Show Up
  4. Virginia Father Whose Rant to Teacher’s Union Went Viral Speaks to Tucker Carlson
  5. CA Gov Newsom’s Lockdown Lift Backfires, Increases Calls For His Recall
  6. Amarillo, TX Leads Nation in Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution
  7. Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine not as effective as others
  8. Capitol Police Chief Seeks Permanent Fencing Around U.S. Capitol
  9. U.S. Navy Files Patents for “Spacetime Modification Weapon” More Powerful Than Nukes
  10. White House Defends Reconciliation Option for Coronavirus Aid Bill
  11. Poll: Less Than 30 Percent of Hong Kong Residents Would Take China’s Coronavirus Vaccine
  12. Italy’s Renzi Willing to Return to Government, But Not With Conte
  13. Chinese Foreign Minister: “China Has No Genocide”
  14. SBU not to be a "nightmare" for businesses, president assures
  15. Zelensky wants faster reform of State Customs Service
  16. Bolivia receives first batch of Russian vaccine
  17. Royal Family documentary briefly resurfaces online
  18. Missing fisherman named as Irish Sea search continues
  19. Personal insolvencies fell to three-year low across 2020
  20. SBU reform passes first reading in Rada
  21. Dutch court orders Shell to pay Nigerian farmers over oil spills
  22. How volunteers in Punjab are keeping Indian farmers protest alive
  23. Biden "did not hold back" in phone call with Putin – White House
  24. UN, foreign missions urge Myanmar to ‘adhere to democratic norms’
  25. Debutant Nauman takes 5-35 as Pakistan beat South Africa
  26. Ukrainians warned of heavy snowstorms in some regions
  27. Bill on Bureau of Economic Security passes second reading
  28. Iran, Turkey trying to restore regional stability, coop.
  29. Thai Protests Aimed at Thai-Chinese Relations
  30. Ex-Obama Aide Malley To Be Named Top U.S. Iran Envoy
  31. Digital divide 'locking children out of education'
  32. WHO team visits Wuhan hospital that had early COVID patients
  33. Romania COVID-19 hospital fire leaves four dead
  34. EU keeps travel curbs on Ukrainian citizens in place amid COVID-19
  35. U.S. Navy Sends Third Ship Into Black Sea, Largest Presence In Three Years
  36. Covid: AstraZeneca contract must be published, says European Commission chief
  37. Card Factory given one-month waiver over loan breach
  38. The Fairness Doctrine is not a disinformation fix both because of limited FCC jurisdiction and because it could be used to spread right-wing propaganda further (Nicole Hemmer/CNN)
  39. Coop. between regional states, only way to establish security
  40. Iran employs most advanced tech. at borders: Cmdr.
  41. Protests hit Poland as near-total abortion ban takes effect
  42. Bangladesh sends third group of Rohingya refugees to island
  43. Iran, Turkey, Russia stress support for an independent Syria
  44. UK bans UAE flights, closing world’s busiest international route
  45. Covid: Some pupils in Wales could return to school after half term
  46. Luis Suarez: Ex-Liverpool striker's Premier League highs, 10 years after he arrived at Anfield
  47. More Indian-made COVID vaccines will be released: Modi
  48. Arctic town launches bid for 2032 Summer Olympics
  49. Dengvaxia controversy haunts Duterte’s COVID vaccine roll out
  50. China warns Taiwan independence 'means war' as US dismisses comments