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  1. AOC called out for claim she was ‘nearly assassinated’ during Capitol siege; she hits back saying ‘it was actually worse’
  2. Violent Far-Right Agitators Behind Vast Majority of Extremist Killings in US, New ADL Report Shows
  3. More TV channels could be sanctioned, NSDC says
  4. Leicester overcome Fulham to strengthen top-four push
  5. Canada Declares The Proud Boys A Terrorist Group…
  6. Russia's Opposition Takes Stock After Navalny Jailing
  7. Israeli Treatment for Severe Cases of COVID-19 Shows Excellent Results in Phase 2 Trials
  8. At least 9 soldiers killed in latest central Mali attack
  9. Ant reaches deal with Chinese regulators on restructuring plan
  10. Biden says he won’t budge on $1,400 stimulus cheques
  11. CDC Director Says Schools Can Safety Reopen – Even Without Vaccinating Teachers
  12. 'Martyr Soleimani expanded Iran’s experience in resistance'
  13. Oil Prices Hover Near Highest Levels in a Year
  14. AOC Wasn’t in Capitol Building During Her Purported Jan 6 “Near Death” Experience
  15. Iranian Army region's superior drone power
  16. Back home in Georgia, voters stand with QAnon congresswoman
  17. WATCH: White House press secretary Psaki holds news conference
  18. Canada declares far-right Proud Boys a ‘terrorist’ organisation
  19. Shocker: American Trust In U.S. Media Hits All-Time Low…
  20. Atlantic Council Pens Anonymously Authored Expose Calling for Regime Change in China
  21. BBC Global News says it had ~£115M annual revenues for the past five years and is considering a subscription model due to the pandemic's impact (Charlotte Tobitt/Press Gazette)
  22. Rada set to streamline exports: Details
  23. Ricky Tomlinson and trade unionists try to overturn convictions
  24. Germans call for crackdown on COVID-19 vaccine queue-jumpers
  25. Mario Draghi: Ex-European Central Bank chief accepts president's mandate to form next government
  26. DELISH: Kamala Harris already becoming a problem for Biden White House
  27. Sen. Tim Kaine: “I’m very worried about going through this trial and having the punch line at the end, being Trump acquitted again.”
  28. The Left’s Favorite Organization For Anti-Trump Propaganda Just Got Totally Exposed
  29. UN’s top court says it can hear case brought by Iran against US
  30. Injured Crawley may miss England's first Test against India
  31. Covid: Conspiracy theorist barred from hospitals after filming
  32. Current and ex-employees at CBS' flagship station, WCBS NY, allege they worked in a hostile environment, after allegations at CBS' Philadelphia station (Meg James/Los Angeles Times)
  33. Biden* Now The One Putting Kids In Cages As He Opens Texas Overflow Facility For Illegals…
  34. Her day in court: Woman crowdfunds sexual assault case
  35. George Gammon: Will Silver Price Boom Again Or Continue To Crash!?!
  36. 4.3 Million Firearm Background Checks in January 2021 – Highest Month Ever!
  37. Gov. DeSantis Leads Florida Lawmakers In Penalizing Big Tech Overlords: ‘You Can Whiz On My Leg, But Don’t Tell Me It’s Raining.’
  38. RED LINE FEVER: Leveraging Corrupt Media, China Draws a Red Line for Biden Administration
  39. Video – Remember the hack into the US Office of Personnel Management? Hundreds of Congressmen Influenced by China – Now It All Makes Sense
  40. Of the 10 Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump, 7 Are Already Facing Primary Challenges
  41. Kazakh Billionaire Alizhan Ibragimov Dies At 67
  42. Criminals selling fake COVID-19 test certificates at Europe's major airports and stations
  43. Myanmar coup: Aung San Suu Kyi charged with trade violation and remanded in custody
  44. EU greets Zelensky's move to block TV channels over propaganda in Ukraine – envoy
  45. Cabinet to decide on return to adaptive quarantine in coming days – PM Shmyhal
  46. Long Beach Ralphs, Food 4 Less stores to close over $4 ‘hero pay’ boost for grocery workers
  47. Red States Are Resisting Biden’s Executive Orders
  48. Dems Falsely Call Capitol Riot a “Coup”, Refuse to Call Myanmar Coup a “Coup”
  49. Prosecution of Comey Unlikely After Durham Investigation
  50. NY Times Recommends Biden Appoint a “Reality Czar”