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  1. Winter weather causes chaos in Europe
  2. Trump lawyers: ‘Not a single word’ in speech led to Capitol riot
  3. Dogecoin hits record after tweets from Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg
  4. Nexstar confirms Bill Shine is a consultant for NewsNation; sources: NewsNation news director quit because of interference by Shine and others in news decisions (Robert Feder)
  5. Morocco: Heavy rain floods underground clothes factory in Tangier killing at least 24 people
  6. Sport and creative activity in pupil catch-up plan
  7. Diversification out the dollar is accelerating – take notice
  8. The entire system is rigged for the Top 1% and against all of us. It is designed to plunder the Middle class. See the proof!
  9. Happening NOW: Burma Government coup — Military Arrests Government Officials
  10. CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Trump Supporters Who Question 2020 Election Results Need to be ‘Held Accountable
  11. Gantz: We will not hesitate to stop Iran's entrenchment near Israel
  12. Unity: Professor who made joke about Barron Trump joins #NoMyPresident’s DOJ
  13. Prepare for the Bear
  14. The U.S. Dollar Could Be Nearing Its “End Game”
  15. WaPo says readership of its tech coverage grew 40% in 2020 and it will add eight positions, based at its HQ and SF, growing its tech team to 27 (Washington Post)
  16. Algeria’s oil and gas exports plummet
  17. Sources: TikTok has briefed advertisers on new e-commerce tools launching in 2021, including letting popular users add links and earn commission (Hannah Murphy/Financial Times)
  18. Bomb blast leaves one dead in Kabul
  19. Media PANICS After Gavin Newsom WORST NIGHTMARE Can No Longer Be Hidden
  20. Visualizing the Sharp Decline in Credit Card Debt Around the U.S.
  21. Markets are broken “because fundamentals matter less and less,” @muddywatersre ‘s Carson Block says.
  22. Israeli rabbi visits city Azerbaijan won from Armenia, sees devastation
  23. Iranian, Norwegian FMs discuss JCPOA in phone call
  24. Iran, Russia, China to hold naval drill in Indian Ocean
  25. UK Government Planning For Annual Coronavirus Vaccinations
  26. French Courts Finds France Failed to Meet Paris Climate Agreement Commitments
  27. Nine Perfectly Unwoke Comedy Shows
  28. Data Shows Almost 90% of Military Hazing Complaints Comes From Marine Corps
  29. Ulyanov reacts to Biden's claims on JCPOA
  30. Automattic's enterprise-focused WordPress VIP says it is acquiring content analytics service (Sara Fischer/Axios)
  31. Poll: 87% Of Trump Voters Concerned About Anti-White Discrimination
  32. U.S. Trade Deficit Hit 12-Year High in 2020 Due to Pandemic
  33. Tampa Streets Packed With Maskless Fans Ahead of Super Bowl
  34. Kazakh Women Picket Chinese Consulate In Almaty Demanding Relatives' Release
  35. Pakistan: UN report ‘vindicates’ stance on cross-border ‘terrorism’
  36. Many die, hundreds missing as Himalayan glacier bursts in India
  37. Iran ready to support UN role in resolving Yemen crisis
  38. Saudi Arabia commutes death sentences of 3 men jailed as minors
  39. UK teenager wakes up from coma with no knowledge of pandemic
  40. K2 climbers in Pakistan feared dead days after they went missing
  41. Holyrood inquiry session with Salmond called off
  42. Coronavirus: NI residents face fines for crossing border
  43. ‘Deeply troubled’: US warns Houthis days after ‘terror’ delisting
  44. COVID round-up: UK hits 12 million vaccinations; Hungary approves Sputnik V and Venice goes online
  45. Heavy snowfall in northern Germany and Netherlands disrupt train and road networks
  46. Donbas warzone update: One WIA amid four truce violations on Feb 7
  47. Russia protests: Moscow prisons overcrowded after weeks of arrests
  48. Diggers and dreamers: Vinyl collectors in Africa’s city of gold
  49. In Myanmar, protesters urge police to join democracy fight
  50. Why glaciers burst and send floods downstream