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  1. Europe's air passenger numbers 'at lowest level since 1995' last year
  2. No Recovery For The Bottom Half
  3. There really isn’t a “normal” market. Things change, something odd is always happening. But this, this is something else.
  4. Psaki Defends One Week Suspension for Aide Accused of Threatening Journalist
  5. ICC Decision on Israel ‘Obstructs the Path to Peace,’ Say Top US Jewish Leaders
  6. Wall Street: Lawmakers urge SEC to toughen insider trading rules
  7. Settlement agreements for the copyright dispute between French media and Google show Google will pay $22M annually in total to 121 publications for three years (Mathieu Rosemain/Reuters)
  8. CNN Declares BBC ‘Banned’ but CGTN ‘Withdrawn’ as UK and China Fire off in Propaganda Battle
  9. Zelensky calls Security & Defense Council meeting, to be partly held behind closed doors
  10. Ferrari Energy CEO Adam Ferrari Outlines How to Keep Employees Happy
  11. Ukraine sides with US over Chinese takeover of engine company
  12. IDO head visits Fatemiyoun martyrs' families
  13. Hillary: Senate Republicans Are Trump’s ‘Co-Conspirators’
  14. The Ethno-Territorial Separation of Bosnia Was the Key to Ending the War and Keeping Peace
  15. Robert Steele: Sidney Powell Served in Billion Dollar Lawsuit from Electronic Voting Companies Accused of Conspiracy to Steal 2020 Elections — My View
  16. Top Biden Aide Suspended for a Week After Threatening Reporter Who Pursued a Story on His Relationship With Journo
  17. COVID-19 Vaccine Delay Stirs Political Tensions In North Macedonia
  18. Love during lockdown: How has the world been dating during the COVID pandemic?
  19. Lulu the dog inherits $5m from deceased US owner
  20. 'Contradiction with reality' - Mourinho questions Bale's social media post
  21. International experts say US$21 bln needed to rebuild Donbas
  22. Russian Media Ordered To Delete Reports On Planned 'Flashlight' Protest
  23. Lukashenka Lashes Out, Offers Little Compromise During Congress Of Loyalists Dubbed 'Meeting Of The Illegitimate'
  24. Coronavirus Protests Fuel Yet Another Annual Rise in Antisemitic Outrages in Germany
  25. UN rights body unanimously adopts Myanmar resolution
  26. Fox News attorneys file motion to dismiss the Smartmatic lawsuit on behalf of hosts Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, and Jeanine Pirro (Brian Steinberg/Variety)
  27. Europe's big freeze, Greek student protests and other key events in pictures
  28. Iran Conducts Ground Forces Drill Near Iraq Border: State TV
  29. Turkey Says It Will Not Turn Back From Russian S-400s: State Media
  30. Oman Content With Current Israel Relationship, Foreign Minister Says
  31. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The end of a 'powerful', 'comforting' and 'relatable' show
  32. France, Germany, U.K. 'Strongly Urge' Iran To Halt Breach Of Recent Nuclear Deal
  33. Air Canada ‘encouraged’ by government aid talks amid travel slump
  34. Psaki: We Don’t Have the Data to Make a School Reopening Plan
  35. France, Germany, UK warn Iran over uranium metal production
  36. Two Lincoln Project Interns Leak More Lurid Texts Allegedly From Co-Founder John Weaver
  37. Biden Opens Border to 25,000 Asylum Seekers
  38. The Lincoln Project Is Imploding Beautifully
  39. Australia Moves Closer to Introducing New Rules Regulating Big Tech
  40. G4S bidders go to auction to decide fate of security giant
  41. Police 'outnumbered' by Middlesbrough and Newcastle sledging crowds
  42. Turkey tornado causes injuries and topples crane on country's Aegean coast
  43. Russia ready to cut ties with EU if hit with painful sanctions
  44. Australian Open: Nick Kyrgios wins set with underarm serve ace but loses to Dominic Thiem
  45. Uzbekistan Aims For Full Transition To Latin-Based Alphabet By 2023
  46. Czech parliament refuses to extend the state of emergency despite government pleas
  47. This market is very emotional. Look how fast sentiment changed within 1 week. Bull market is approaching the end?
  48. 'At least you're not a cat!' Congress video goes wrong
  49. 59 Migrants Found in Human Smuggling Stash House Near Border in Texas
  50. Europe’s Main Battle Tank Could Be Getting a Massive Gun