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  1. Rush Limbaugh: Trump leads tributes to divisive US radio host
  2. Facebook blocks Australian users from viewing or sharing news
  3. Giles runs British record with second-quickest indoor 800m in history - highlights & report
  4. Facebook News Partnerships VP: Australia's planned law "fails to recognize ... the fundamental nature of the relationship between our platform and publishers" (Campbell Brown/Facebook)
  5. Stoltenberg: NATO Strategic Concept should be updated in view of Russian aggression, rise of China
  6. Cabinet approves Pension Fund budget for 2021
  7. FL Attorney Found With ‘Life-Like’ Child Sex Doll, Trove of Child Porn, Is Sentenced To 7.5 Years
  8. Portland Residents Fight Cops Over The Right To Eat Spoiled Food From A Dumpster…
  9. President Trump Reacts To Death Of Rush Limbaugh…
  10. 7 shot at Philadelphia transit station
  11. Nadal and Barty out of Australian Open as event enters final stages
  12. Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting dogged by rows again
  13. Russia blocks IAEA inspectors' visits to occupied Donbas – Ukrainian delegates to TCG
  14. Trump casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, demolished
  15. Colombia, Mexico roll out vaccine, Brazil suffers shortages
  16. WarnerMedia, known for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, plans a preschool brand, Cartoonito, and will work to attract more young girls and families as viewers (Brian Steinberg/Variety)
  17. US charges three North Koreans over $1.3bn theft
  18. Georgian Court Rules To Detain Opposition Leader
  19. Texas snow: Mayor quits after 'only strong will survive' post
  20. Arrest Made In 3 Separate Murders Of Homeless People Found Stabbed In Los Angeles County
  21. Oklahoma Gov. Asks White House For Federal Disaster Declaration
  22. US oil output dips by record 40% as cold wave freezes operations
  23. Biden Responds to Calls to Cancel $50k in Student Loan Debt: “No”
  24. Oklahoma Gov. Asks White House For Federal Disaster Declaration
  25. THIS is why ‘deregulation’ is deadly
  26. ‘Wildly unfair’: UN boss says 10 nations used 75% of all vaccines
  27. ‘Positive signals’ needed to save JCPOA, Merkel tells Rouhani
  28. The Best From The Best: Rush Limbaugh’s 20 Greatest Quotes
  29. Facebook will "restrict publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content", in response to proposed media law (William Easton/About Facebook)
  30. Drone footage captures the rare sight of snow in Athens
  31. New York is a city of workers
  32. China Is The World’s Biggest Commie Cult And Here’s How They Manufacture New Members…
  33. Trump Pays Tribute to Rush Limbaugh
  34. BBC Admits Claim That Israel Is Responsible for Vaccinating Palestinians Is Wrong
  35. Rush Limbaugh, conservative US talk show host, dies at 70
  36. White House announces plans to ramp up COVID testing
  37. Aircraft deal increases threat on Iran - analysis
  38. Russia-led formations hinder work of OSCE SMM monitors in Donbas – JCCC's Ukraine members
  39. Covid-19: 'Data not dates' to drive lockdown easing, and £500k raised for injured rescuer
  40. Beware of small implosions because they can set off a wave that can destabilize the whole, especially when it is on a shaky foundation.
  41. Oil Prices Soar As U.S. Oil Production Plunges 30%
  42. GLENN GREENWALD HAS A LIST. AND IT’S A LONG LIST. The False and Exaggerated Claims Still Being Spread About the Capitol Riot.
  43. ‘Cash-burning machines’: Bundesliga chief slams Spanish clubs
  44. Prince Phillip Admitted To Hospital After “Feeling Unwell”
  45. Grenfell cladding firm told 'misleading half-truth' to standards board
  46. Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: In Case of War, ‘Israel Will Experience Things Never Seen Since Its Formation’
  47. CNN nullified its rule that prevented Chris Cuomo from covering Andrew Cuomo when the Gov. was flying high, only to invoke it during the nursing home scandal (Erik Wemple/Washington Post)
  48. Apple revamps syringe emoji for Covid vaccines
  49. Karl Denninger: “So You Want Green Energy Eh?”, Texas is a Preview for the Nation’s Future Under Green Energy
  50. Russia Mediating Israeli-Syrian Prisoner Swap: Syrian State Media