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  1. Lendman: House Opposes the Constitutional Right to Boycott Israel
  2. Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilots Are Subpoenaed In Child Sex Trafficking Case
  3. GOP Lawmaker Wants Navy To Explain UFO Sightings
  4. The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-43
  5. 737 MAX Ruder Control Does Not Meet Safety Guidelines - It Was Still Certified
  6. Pediatricians first in the field to assess how to personalize treatment for hypertension in children
  7. George Soros Funds Activists Pushing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Worldwide
  8. America’s Birthrate Reaches Historic Low as Abortion Has Decimated the Population
  9. Trump: ‘Gutless’ Antifa Is a ‘Major Organization of Terror’
  10. Trump Gives AG Barr Permission to Release Declassified Spygate Docs
  11. Clinton Invited Epstein to WH Multiple Times; Was Thanked by Lady Rothschild
  12. Cher: Can America Survive Four More Years of Putin’s Puppet President?
  13. Videos Show Baltimore Is a Rat-Infested Dump
  14. Nancy Pelosi Slams Trump’s Criticism of Elijah Cummings as ‘Racist’
  15. Lawmaker Demands Answers About Navy’s ‘UFO Sightings’
  16. Then they came for the memes. - Paul Joseph Watson
  17. Kevin Shipp %u2013 Americans Not Ready for Coming Financial Calamity - YouTube
  18. Ebola outbreak unstoppable as victims refuse treatment - Daily Star
  19. Massachusetts Bill Would Prohibit Everyone Except Doctors From Telling You to Kill Yourself
  20. The U.S. Stunt In Hong Kong Will Make Other Issues More Difficult
  21. Supreme Court Allows Trump to Use $2.5 Billion in Pentagon Funds for Border Wall
  22. Supreme Court Lifts Injunction; Lets Trump Build The Wall
  23. President Trump: Let’s Subpoena ALL Obama & Clinton Records
  24. Hollywood Billboards Hijacked to Expose Epstein, Polanski and “Pedowood”
  25. Angry Dems Launch ‘Impeachment Investigation’; Demand Grand Jury Info
  26. President Trump: Russia Hoax Was TREASON
  27. Democrat Ayanna Pressley to Introduce Bill Banning Federal Death Penalty
  28. Bill de Blasio: Trump WON’T Be Welcome in New York After Presidency
  29. JASON AND TORI: The Conflict Dichotomy And One Word That Changes Everything
  30. Massachusetts Bill Would Prohibit Everyone Except Doctors From Telling You to Kill Yourself
  31. Colorado Ballot Measure Would Ban Late-Term Abortions on Viable Unborn Babies
  32. Destabilizing Pakistan: The Bookending of Washington’s Shady China Policy
  33. US Blocks UN Vote Condemning Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes
  34. Trump Apparently ‘Unfazed’ by North Korean Missile Tests
  35. Why Demographics is EVERYTHING!
  36. I’ve Just Been Banned From Facebook and Twitter
  37. US Puppet Solicits Help to Make Thailand More Like America
  38. I Just Want To Be On Fire
  39. Crew Rescued As Iranian Cargo Ship Sinks In Caspian Sea
  40. Here’s How The Leo New Moon Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign
  41. Next Time Someone Asks For My Story, I’m Going To Tell Them This
  42. Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google For Silencing Her Campaign
  43. Florida State Sen. Receives Threats Telling Her To Back Off Epstein Case
  44. Former MSNBC Host Explains Why Network is ‘Not Journalism’
  45. Largest immigrant detention center in the U.S. opens - 2 Years before Trump
  46. D.L. Hughley: Devil Worshippers Are ‘Better Human Beings’ Than Trump Supporters
  47. ‘Like Frankenstein’: FBI Find Woman’s Head Attached to Man’s Body in Science Lab
  48. Breaking VENEZUELA TODAY - YouTube
  49. Trump Admin Orders Execution Of Child Rapists, Murderers As Federal Death Penalty Resumes
  50. Ann Coulter: Move Epstein to Super Max Facility Before He Is ‘Suicided’