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  1. Explained: How Adam Schiff’s Russia-bashing is Damaging US Interests
  2. Coronavirus: Number of Cases Surpasses SARS, China Holds 60k ‘Under Observation’
  3. Stop Faulting Other People For Crossing Boundaries You Never Set In The First Place
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  6. Syrian Army Liberates Maarat Al-Numan, Key Militant Stronghold in Idlib
  7. US Dropped More Bombs on Afghanistan in 2019 Than Any Time in Last Decade
  8. 30 Couples On How They Say, ‘I Love You’ Without Actually Uttering The Words
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  10. 7 Things To Remember When You Feel Like Every Single Day Is The Same
  11. Do New Vegetarian Hamburgers Pose a Health Concern for Men?
  12. 30 Things That Automatically Make Men (And Women) Lose Romantic Interest 
  13. The Left’s Hatred
  14. George Soros Accuses Facebook of Working to Reelect President Trump
  15. If You’re Trying To Find Love In 2020, Stop The Bullshit 
  16. Central Vietnam: An Enduring Legacy of How Far Washington is Willing to Go
  17. Syria: Army Liberates Maarat al-Numan - U.S. Plans New Mischief
  18. Toxic Humans Will Change The Narrative, Making You Look Like The Crazy One
  19. What Each Zodiac Has The Most Trouble With In Relationships 
  20. ‘Wave of Anti-Semitism’ Exaggerated
  21. Definition of fucks
  22. A Plague Of "Billions" Of Locusts Threatens To Create A Horrific End Times Famine All Over
  23. Have You Heard About What Lives In Teasley Park?
  24. Read This If You Feel Like You’re Always Uprooting Your Life And Starting Over
  25. Exactly Which Face Mask Is Best For You, Based On Your Skin Type
  26. Austrian Coalition Agreement: The “Road to Serfdom”
  27. When You Know They Are Fading
  28. The Wuhan Coronavirus: How It Spreads, Kills, and Can Be Stopped
  29. Thank the Lord So Many Were Packing
  30. Syrian Army Continue Rapid Advance in Idlib, Controlling Key Areas West of Aleppo
  31. Virginia Senate Passes Bill To Let Transgender People Get New Birth Certificates
  32. BATTLE MAP: Military Update from Syria
  33. When You Realize He’s Been Leading You On, Walk Away
  34. The Air War In Afghanistan Expands On Both Sides
  35. What Each Zodiac Sign Misses About The ‘Old Them’
  36. The_Man_Comes Around
  38. Episode #312 – ‘Propaganda as Gospel’ guests George Szamuely and more
  39. SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Manufacturing Consent” (1992)
  40. Julian Assange and the Inhumanity of the British State: ‘Unofficial’ Solitary Confinement as Torture
  41. SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Manufacturing Consent” (1992)
  42. The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2020-07
  43. Episode #312 – ‘Propaganda as Gospel’ guests George Szamuely and more
  44. Julian Assange and the Inhumanity of the British State: ‘Unofficial’ Solitary Confinement as Torture
  45. Julian Assange and Inhumanity of British State: ‘Unofficial’ Solitary Confinement as Torture
  46. Dems’ Impeachment Trial ‘Performance’ Ends, Trump’s Legal Team Makes Opening Arguments
  47. Wuhan citizen plainly tells the #coronavirus situation in Wuhan & seeks help from the world
  48. Fox News shows emails tying alleged Ukraine whistleblower to Obama White House meeting on Burisma
  49. New York state requires 'stargazing permit' to view night sky in public areas -- Soc
  50. Giuliani Threatening to Release Evidence of Biden Bribery and Corruption in Ukraine