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  1. Leading Yale Professor Pushes Back Against Darwin’s Theory Evolution
  2. Im happy I finally registered
  3. Episode #290 – ‘American Psychodrama’ with guests Lee Stranahan, Jay Dyer
  4. Does Britain Really Want to Start a War with Iran?
  5. The MoA Week In Review - OT 2019-45
  6. Feds Probing Possible Finance Misdeeds by AOC’s Chief of Staff
  7. Beto Blames “Racist” Trump for Tragic El Paso Shooting
  8. VIP Elite Brace Themselves as Court Orders Release of Epstein Files
  9. Illegal Alien Serial Killer Could Face U.S. Death Penalty
  10. Biden Vows to ‘Beat the NRA’ Following El Paso Shooting
  11. Hollywood Blames Trump for El Paso Shooting: ‘POTUS Bares Responsibility’
  12. Kamala Harris Attacks Trump for Pressuring Sweden to Free A$AP Rocky
  13. Tom Arnold Fantasizes About Standing Over Dead Donald Trump Jr.
  14. How To Think You’re Hot, Even If No One Else Does
  15. Jesse Ventura Says MSNBC Paid Him Millions To ‘Keep Quiet’ On Iraq Invasion
  16. The End Of The INF Treaty Will Not Create A New Arms Race
  17. Satanists Challenge Pro-Life Law, Claims it Violates Their Religious Freedoms
  18. Single Mom Who Rejected Abortion of Twins Graduates With Two Degrees
  19. Decades After Birth, Fetal Cells Remain in Mother’s Body to Repair Injuries
  20. Abortion Tells Women: We Can’t Help You Raise Your Child, But We Can Kill Your Baby
  21. Without a Guaranteed Right to Life, All Other Legal Rights are Fiction
  22. Trump: A$AP Rocky Has Been Released from Swedish Prison
  23. Trump Withdraws Ratcliff’s Nomination “to Avoid Months of Slander and Libel from Fake News Media”
  24. FBI: Media ‘WRONG’ on Garlic Festival Shooter’s White Supremacy Ideology
  25. FBI Boss Christopher Wray Urged to List Antifa as Extremist Organization
  26. Hungary Gov’t to Give Married Couples €30,000 If They Have 3 Children
  27. Maher on Far-Left Dems: Obama “Is Not Woke Enough Now”
  28. Creepy Human-Monkey Hybrid Created in Chinese Lab
  29. Transgender Male YouTuber Says ‘It’s Hard Navigating Periods as a Guy’
  30. FBI Document Warns That ‘Conspiracy Theories Cause Extremism’
  31. 30 Shockingly Scary Stories About Drivers On The Road At Night
  32. 30 Tips For Falling Asleep When You’re Worried About Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow 
  33. Open Thread 2019-44
  34. When You Have Wanderlust, Here’s How To Survive A Long Plane Ride
  35. Infusion Treatments For Low Iron Can Deplete Patients’ Wallets
  36. 33 Signs The Dude You Matched With On Tinder Peaked In High School
  37. What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Paranoid When It Comes To Relationships 
  38. Scammers don’t cheat because they need the money — they cheat because they’re cheaters
  39. An ambitious plan to stop the rise of superbugs
  40. If You Smoke Pot, Your Anesthesiologist Needs To Know
  41. Infusion Treatments For Low Iron Can Deplete Patients’ Wallets
  42. Tulsi Gabbard Accused of Working with Russia to Bring down Kamala Harris
  43. NYC Man Brutally Assaulted by Teens for Wearing Maga Hat
  44. Cory Booker: Dems Losing Because ‘Russians’ Suppress African American Voters
  45. CNN Suggests People Might Be Racist to Non-White Robots
  46. Trump Slams Corrupt Dem-Run Cities: Baltimore, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Chicago
  47. Brazilian President Bolsonaro Picks Pro-Trump Son as Ambassador to USA
  48. Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore Home Burglarized
  49. Trump Pick for National Intelligence Director: ‘It Appears Obama Admin Committed Crimes’
  50. Merkel’s Germany: Syrian Migrant Hacks Man to Death with Sword in Busy Street