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  1. Open Thread 2019-61
  2. Still Milking It: Trump Hands Over $4.5 million to ‘Terrorist Adjunct’ White Helmets
  3. Why You Should Put The Wine Down And Stop Drinking For A While (Based On Your Zodiac)
  4. Still Milking It: Trump Hands Over $4.5 million to ‘Terrorist Adjunct’ White Helmets
  5. UK Police: Report Hate ‘Even If It’s Not a Crime’, ‘You Don’t Need Evidence’
  6. 30 Stories From People Who Had Enough Guts To Ask Out Their Crush 
  7. Do Not Trade with a China that Lies, Cheats, and Steals
  8. 5 Ways For Fun-Loving Women To Get Out In Nature
  9. Attention Whores, Here Are Some Healthy Ways To Get More Attention
  10. When Trump Ignored Bad Advice He Enabled Progress In Syria
  11. Why Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Proud Of Themselves This October
  12. The Downsides To Working From Home When You’re An Introvert
  13. Mother Purchased Abortion Pills for Her Daughter to Kill Her Grandchild
  14. Planned Parenthood Opens New $7 Million Abortion Biz Today to Kill More Babies in Abortion
  15. 5 tips for surviving in an increasingly uncertain world
  16. Planned Parenthood Opens New $7 Million Abortion Biz Today to Kill More Babies in Abortion
  17. Community colleges open the door to selective universities
  18. Compression Garments Can Ease Lymphedema. Covering Costs? Not So Easy.
  19. Nevada Residents: Purchase Your Choose Life License Plate Today
  20. Abortion Activists Think It’s Better if Disabled Babies are Aborted Rather Than Live With a Disability
  21. 6 Valuable Lessons My Childhood Best Friend Has Taught Me
  22. Hot new pictures each day
  23. Court Allows Abortionist to Kill Girl’s 27-Week-Old Unborn Baby Because She Was Raped
  24. When U.S. Officials Ignore The President The Outcome Is Chaos
  25. Women Aren’t Demanding the Abortion Pill as Much as Liberal Media Claims
  26. Mom Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Rejects Abortion and Delivers Healthy Baby Boy
  27. DRC sees 10 new cases of Ebola in 3 days :: CIDRAP
  28. A PSA For Men: Swiping Right Does Not Mean I Want Your Nudes
  29. Each Zodiac Sign’s Dating Strength
  30. South Carolina Committee Passes Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins
  31. Federal Court Forces Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions Under Obamacare Mandate
  32. Why She Isn’t Swiping Right On You, Based On Her Zodiac Sign
  33. Doctor Found Guilty of Euthanizing 86-Year-Old Woman Who Wasn’t Sick
  34. Planned Parenthood Abortionist Tells Court: “It’s No Big Deal” to “Crush” Babies For Body Parts
  35. Calm Down, You’re Not Falling Behind
  36. A Driver Survived This Insane ‘Final Destination’ Car Accident
  37. An Abridged List Of Things I’m Keeping From You
  38. 30 Fierce Comebacks Waiters And Retail Workers Can Give To Their Rudest Customers
  39. When U.S. Officials Ignore Their President The Outcome Is Chaos
  40. Assad Visits Idlib Province, Slams Turkey’s Erdogan for Looting Syria
  41. Illinois Law Allowing Abortion Up to Birth Faces Legal Challenge Over Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions
  42. 24-Week-Old Premature Baby Weighing Just 13 Ounces at Birth Goes Home Healthy
  43. Extinction Rebellion’s True Target Is Not Climate: It’s Idea That Heterosexuality Is ‘Normal’
  44. Iraq Military Says U.S. Troops From Syria Can't - One News Page VIDEO
  45. Sometimes, Your Successes Will Come Slowly
  46. Not One Single City Official Knew Planned Parenthood Was Building a Secret Abortion Facility
  47. Bitching
  48. Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide Over Last 100 Years, Killing 1 Billion People
  49. George W. Bush: Trump’s ‘Isolationist’ America Is ‘Dangerous’ for Global Peace
  50. 7 Things That Happen When You’re Terrified Your Loved Ones Will Die