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  18. Netflix Promotes Alyssa Milano’s Pro-Abortion Agenda
  19. Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Billboard a Second Time
  20. 84% of Dutch Pediatricians Want to be Able to Euthanize Children
  21. Man Repeatedly Raped Teen Girl, Forced Her to Have Abortion. Abortion Clinic Never Reported Rape
  22. Disabled People Worry New York Will be Next to Legalize Assisted Suicide
  23. Study Confirms Half of Women Killing Baby With Abortion Pill Use It as Birth Control
  24. POTUS Murder Mystery Hour: Trump and The Illusive Al-Baghdadi
  25. Fake News MSM Does CIA’s Bidding
  26. Hospitals Take Shot At Opioid Makers Over Cost Of Treating Uninsured For Addiction
  27. Employers Are Scaling Back Their Dependence On High-Deductible Health Plans
  28. Moved Overseas For School, Stayed For Insulin
  29. Kanye West Slams Democrat Party Leaders: They Are “Making Us Abort Our Children”
  30. Pro-Abortion Rep. Brian Sims Finally Apologizes Months After Harassing Pro-Life Teen Girls
  31. Talking Dirty Guide For Online Chat Dating
  32. Missouri Could Become First Abortion Free State if Dangerous Planned Parenthood Closed
  33. POTUS Murder Mystery Hour: Trump and The Illusive Al-Baghdadi
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  40. The scariest part of Halloween may be costume contact lenses, an eye doctor says
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