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  1. Abortion Activists Exploited Woman’s Death to Push Killing More Babies in Abortions
  2. The Truth About Changing Your Life Is That It Is Often Means Doing Less, Not More
  3. Author Of "Keep The Oil" Mission Already Distances Himself From Its Foreseeable Failure
  4. Nancy Pelosi Claims She’s Catholic, Tucker Carlson Says She’s From “The Church of Partial-Birth Abortion”
  5. Live: AG Barr speaks at the Federalist Society's National Lawyers Convention
  6. Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-up 11.15.19 -
  7. China Investing in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Warfare to Threaten US Military Superiority
  8. Premature Babies as Young as 22 Weeks Old are Surviving More Frequently
  9. Missouri Defunds Planned Parenthood Abortion Business for a Second Year
  10. 30 People Reveal The Horror Movie That Traumatized Them
  11. Entitlement Liabilities Are a Graver Threat to the Next Generation of Americans Than Climate Change
  12. Planned Parenthood Abortionist Tells Congress Killing Babies in Abortions is “Moral”
  13. Trump Admin Tells UN “There is No International Right to Abortion. Everyone Has a Right to Life”
  14. WATCH: Woman Rebukes Pro-Abortion Democrats: You Support “Tearing a Child Apart Limb By Limb”
  15. What Girls ACTUALLY Think When You Check Them Out
  16. New Children’s Book “Pro-Life Kids” Powerfully Illustrates How Every Human Life Has Value
  17. WATCH: Woman Reminds Pro-Abortion Democrats They Support “Tearing a Child Apart Limb By Limb”
  18. Surgeon General’s Marijuana Warning Omits Crucial Context
  19. INTERVIEW: President Evo Morales on the Real Situation in Bolivia
  20. Facial Recognition Coming to a Hardware Store Near You?
  21. Surgeon General’s Marijuana Warning Omits Crucial Context
  22. Florida Democrat Wants to Overturn Every Single Pro-Life Law, Allow Abortions Up to Birth
  23. ERA: Equal Rights Amendment Really Means Expand Radical Abortion Up to Birth
  24. Democrats Hold Hearing to Complain States are Doing Too Much to Protect Babies From Abortion
  25. 8 Of The Creepiest Locales On Netflix’s ‘Dark Tourist’
  26. 9 Fan Theories That Might Explain What’s Going To Happen In ‘Scream 5’
  27. These Are The 6 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time Opening Up
  28. Healing Is Not Just Disregarding Everyone Else’s Needs In Favor Of Your Own
  29. I Was Petsitting At A ‘Smart Home’ And The Damn Place Tried To Kill Me
  30. Town Passes Resolution Opposing Abortion: “Every Child Has the Right to be Born”
  31. Liberal Democrats Kick Longtime Lawmaker Out of Party Because He’s Pro-Life
  32. In November 2019, This Is What Each Zodiac Should Be Thankful For
  33. How To Let Go Of Someone Who Has Already Let Go Of You
  34. Bristol Southmead Hospital: Racist Patients Could Have Treatment Withdrawn
  35. Willing Accomplices: Western Media Support for CIA Coup in Bolivia
  36. Planned Parenthood Lied in Court About Pro-Lifers Who Exposed It Selling Aborted Baby Parts
  37. Judge With Planned Parenthood Ties Orders Jury to Find David Daleiden Guilty of Trespassing
  38. Explained: What Trump Really Means By ‘Take the Oil’ in Syria
  39. Esper: ‘US Military Withdrawal from Kobane Will Take Another Week’
  40. Trump And Zelensky Want Peace With Russia. The Fascists Oppose That.
  41. Christian College Blocks Display of Crosses to Memorialize Aborted Babies. It’s “Too Divisive”
  42. “Scientists” Say We Need to Kill More Babies in Abortions to Save the Planet
  43. Immigration Reform: Russell Moore Slanders Evangelical Christians, Southern Baptists
  44. Judge With Planned Parenthood Ties Orders Jury to Find David Daleiden Guilty of Racketeering
  45. Trump Admin Tells UN: US Will Not Support Abortion, Unborn Babies Have “Inherent Value”
  46. Attacker Kills Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby Girl, But He Won’t be Charged With Murder
  47. Nursing Home Safety Violations Put Residents At Risk, Report Finds
  48. Democratic candidates want to boost school funding – research shows that will help low-income students
  49. Founders Battled Over Impeachment
  50. A Regulatory Haze: Vape Marketers Are Online, Creating New Headaches For Feds