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Nov 21, 2018    12:20:25 PM

Author Topic: "Death to Russia" Riots in Kiev: A Sign of War to Come in Donbass?  (Read 159 times)

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"Death to Russia" Riots in Kiev: A Sign of War to Come in Donbass?

Ukraine is irreversibly slipping further into Nazification. Following the oath-taking of 600 militants of the newfound National Squads (a subsidiary organization of the Azov regiment intended to “aid” police in keeping order) and following the de facto occupation of the Cherkassy city council (the regional center right next to the Kiev region), Ukrainian Nazis are rehearsing new assaults in the spirit of Ernst Rohm’s street fighters from 1920’s Germany.

Like any historical analogy, this one is conditional. The situation in today’s Ukraine is much worse. While in Weimar Germany the state as a whole did not indulge the Nazis nor use the full force of its repressive apparatus against them, in Ukraine the oligarchic regime of President Poroshenko has given the Nazi street movements the green light. Why and for what purpose will be discussed below.

Source: "Death to Russia" Riots in Kiev: A Sign of War to Come in Donbass?


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